SentiOne introduces Charts, the first social listening leaderboard


SentiOne, a Polish company creating AI-powered social listening and automation solutions, today announced the launch of SentiCharts, their new social listening project.

SentiCharts is a constantly-updating leaderboard tracking the online performance of more than 700 brands across all major social media platforms and public websites, blogs, and forums. Each day, it collects around 150 million mentions, from which it creates its daily ranking update. It is the first such project in the social listening industry.

SentiCharts is a revolutionary new approach to marketing, brand management, and content creation. It’s a public source of social listening data which allows anyone, for instance, to research how much a PR crisis influenced a brand’s online presence.” said Wojciech Luszczynski, SentiOne’s Head of Marketing. “SentiCharts is much more than just a popularity ranking — the data we offer, such as the Brand Health Index or emotional sentiment breakdown, used to be considered difficult to obtain.”

SentiCharts is a continuation of the company’s annual Social Index report, which ranked the social media performance of the top 100 brands in ten different categories, ranging from consumer electronics, through automobile manufacturers, to e-commerce companies. The new leaderboard tracks various metrics for each brand, such as the number of mentions, emotional sentiment, language breakdowns, and more.

The brands are ranked according to SentiOne’s own Social Index score, which considers the number of online mentions and their emotional sentiment and source.
We want SentiCharts to be for social listening what the Billboard Hot 100 was for music“, said Mathilda Hartnell, SentiOne’s Content Manager.

Right now, the ranking tracks over 700 brands globally. Starting this year, its functionality will be extended to track even more companies across regional markets.

SentiCharts is now available to the public.

SentiOne is a Polish company specializing in AI-based social listening and automation solutions. Founded in 2011, the company has succeeded with Listen, its online monitoring platform, and Automate its chatbot and voice bot creation platform. The company’s products have been used by clients such as Procter&Gamble, Beiersdorf, Tesco, Huawei, Starcom, Mindshare, Mediacom or Saatchi&Saatchi, and many others.

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