SEO Rockstars: Magic PR Wins Quick Draw Keyword Ranking Contest

SEO Rockstars

On Tuesday, September 20th, Dori Friend, the creator of the annual US event, SEO Rockstars, waved the starting flag for the biggest companies and renowned individuals within the SEO industry to take part in her ‘quick draw’ contest.

Designed for SEO experts to test their skills and battle it out for the prestigious first-place title, contestants were given nothing more than a designated keyword and were then left to use all their knowledge and skills to out-rank their competitors on Google.

With unique tailoring of US distribution by region, state, or by city, that allows them to laser target any press release for any local business (or in this case, competition), boost ranking, while still maintaining an end user focus, Magic PR proved once again why they are one of the leading SEO companies in the UK and ranked at number 1.

Industry Leaders

SEO Rockstars will be held from the 10th to the 12th of November in Dallas, Texas, and since its launch 11 years ago, is designed to be an annual gathering of industry experts from all over the world to share priceless advice from a range of key SEO areas.

The event is committed to being 100% no pitch and to giving those attending a plethora of new techniques, advice, and ideas to boost their SEO knowledge and standing, while also providing them with the unique opportunity to make important business connections.

This year, along with the ‘quick draw’ competition, SEO Rockstars have two more exciting SEO contests lined up, the ‘Double Fisted Fighting’ and ‘The Long Gun’ that will take place on the last day of the event and show who are the true industry leaders in the world of SEO.

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