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SEO411 Harnesses Technology to Solve Pandemic-Created Problems

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SEO411, a Houston-based digital marketing agency, has helped broker a solution to help senior citizens spend time with their families during the COVID-19 quarantines. “We were heartbroken by the streams of seniors having to talk to their loved ones through windows at senior care facilities,” said Beth Guide, President of SEO411.com. “This struck a real nerve with us and it seemed that it needed an immediate solution,” Guide continued.

The company recently matched clients Data Projections, Inc. and The Senior Estate Concierge in hopes to find the solution for seniors. Data Projections was asked if they could take their collaboration solution for business and retrofit it for a nursing home, and they answered the call by creating a solution specifically for the situation. “Once the solution was crafted, we reached out to another of our clients, Senior Estate Concierge and asked them to help us find a senior care facility,” Guide said.

Belmont Village Senior Living Community embraced the idea and saw this as solving multiple problems, not only in the pandemic but as a long-term solution for memory care patients. “The pandemic has caused the need for businesses to pivot, and this is a great example of how a business historically focused on Business and K-12 solutions pivoted to connect seniors with friends and family in real time via their state of the art portable, user friendly, and touch-free digital technology. This global health crisis is causing small businesses to reevaluate execution,” said Guide. SEO411 encouraged their client to think out of the box, which in this case meant connecting family and loved ones.

“Not only did this open up a potentially new stream of future revenue for our client, but more importantly we paved the way to serve one of the most at-risk and sometimes marginalized segments of our population during their time of need,” concluded Guide.

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