SEOHost.Net Comments On Fractl Research’s Study, a leading SEO hosting provider, has offered its opinion on a recent Fractl Research study of marketing leaders
SEO hosting provider, a leading domain registration, SSL service, and SEO hosting provider, has offered its opinion on a recent Fractl Research study of marketing leaders.

Using IBM Watson’s Personality Insights API, Fractl Research analyzed 20 of what it considers to be the most influential leaders in the field of digital marketing. These leaders were assessed for being adventurous, energetic, intelligent, assertive, gregarious, disciplined, and uncompromising. They also had a tendency to challenge authority and strive for personal improvement and achievement.

Terry Cane, COO at said that “At its core, marketing is ultimately about one thing: people. Digital marketing only amplifies that. You can crunch numbers and stare at metrics for countless hours and gain some insights, certainly. But if you don’t understand your audience, if you don’t know how they think, act, and feel, your efforts are doomed to failure.” Cane also noted that successful marketing requires a willingness to think outside the box.

She further continued, “I’m not surprised that most marketing leaders tend to shirk authority and forge their own path. The sort of unbridled creativity that gives birth to some of the world’s best marketing campaigns isn’t something that can be achieved if you simply paint by the numbers. It demands that you push past your limitations, maybe even be a bit crazy.”

At the same time, the ability to work as part of a team is critical in any pursuit. Fostering trust and being able to place trust in others is essential. Lone wolves, do not tend to survive in the business world, explained Cane.

“Above all else, my biggest takeaway from this survey is that leadership transcends industry. I expect that, were they willing to develop the necessary expertise, people like Neil Patel or Aleyda Solis could excel in fields far beyond marketing. The personality traits they share are common amongst many business leaders, in my experience.” Concluded Cane.

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