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SHE Media Launches Proprietary Targeting Tech

The Proprietary Purchase Intent Graph Will Deliver Key Insights to Advertisers & Elevated Content Experiences to SHE Media's Unique Audience Ahead of Holiday Season
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Today, SHE Media announced the launch of its proprietary Purchase Intent Graph. Under Penske Media Corporation’s (PMC) first-party data platform Atlas Data Studio, an agency award-winning data strategy and platform developed by SHE Media, SHE Media’s Purchase Intent Graph is focused on consumer purchase behavior to deliver better experiences to audiences and deeper insights, first party targeting segmentation and overall advertising engagements to brand partners looking to break through to shoppers this holiday season.

Through a strategic investment in e-commerce and shoppable editorial content via its owned and operated properties, SHE Media has developed a suite of strategies aimed at surfacing products, brands and services relevant to readers’ needs while creating alternative paths to make a desired purchase.  SHE Media and parent company PMC have already generated more than $200M in product purchases in 2021 alone.

SHE Media’s Purchase Intent Graph draws on these e-commerce engagements with audiences, offering precise segments inclusive of audiences’ retail and brand affinities, product purchases and purchase intent paths, among many other customizable profiles.

“Personalization for both brand and reader is fundamental to our value exchange. It helps enrich our audiences’ on-site experiences while facilitating deeper connections with brands,” said Kate Calabrese, SVP of SHE Media.

The launch further signifies SHE Media’s evolution with modern consumers, offering them the best content and one-of-a-kind brand experiences that continue to inform, inspire and move culture forward. The Purchase Intent Graph is just one of the tools that SHE Media is developing as it prepares for the future.

“As the data and targeting landscape continues to evolve, it’s imperative for brands and publishers, such as SHE Media and the partners in our SHE Media Partner Network, to continue to have reliable and accurate ways to reach audiences at scale” said Ryan Nathanson, COO of SHE Media. “We’ve made it a top priority to develop data products and strategies that are flexible, privacy forward and rely on data that is validated from the billions of touchpoints with audiences we have every year. We are very proud of the positive response we’ve received from our brand partners who have been leveraging these solutions and helping us develop new ones along the way.”

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