SheerID launches Suite of Marketing Products to expand audience reach

Unlike closed verification vendors with limited reach, SheerID marketing products can reach the whole audience across digital, email, and social channels

SheerID, the global leader in identity verification for commerce, announced the launch of a suite of turnkey marketing products enabling marketers to engage members of high-value communities including students, healthcare workers and military members. The new additions to SheerID’s Marketing Hub equip marketers with multi-channel marketing products that reach entire communities – tens of millions of consumers – compared to closed affiliate verification providers who only reach a fraction of a community due to their signup process.

Brands such as ASICS, T-Mobile, Spotify and many others have used the SheerID Open Verification Platform to build direct relationships with customers in hundreds of high-value consumer communities around the world. SheerID’s research shows that when eligible community members use a gated offer to make a purchase, over 90% of them share the offer with others. This authentic, organic evangelism lowers customer acquisition cost and is a significant reason these programs have a 337% return on investment, according to a research study from Forrester Consulting.

Because community marketing is a new discipline, many businesses need expertise and assistance in promoting their offers to specific communities. Unlike closed verification affiliates that only promote brand’s offers on their marketplace and overused email lists, SheerID’s suite of marketing products can reach the total audience in each community with each stage of the marketing funnel. SheerID’s suite of marketing products includes:

  1. Community Insights: a digital subscription to the latest consumer buying behaviors, demographics, and psychographics so brands can learn about communities and the best ways to promote their offer to them.
  2. Community Lists: leverage marketing lists of community members to support brands running targeted digital, email, or direct mail campaigns. Community lists are available for military members, students, and healthcare workers.
  3. Community Outreach: activate high-impact display ads across 100+ digital properties, social media ads, and emails to create greater visibility among your target community members to drive awareness and conversions.
  4. Community Influencers: allows marketers to leverage influencers within each community to promote their offers on their high-traffic networks.

“Identifying and effectively connecting with the right media platforms and precisely tailored content for specific communities, such as military personnel and first responders, presents a significant hurdle,” said Debra Fuchs, Director Marketing Promotions and Partnerships, Fox Nation. “Implementing a cohesive strategy that encompasses both the acquisition and verification processes for offers directed at our military and first responders is essential for the success of these campaigns.”

“Marketing to communities with an exclusive offer is a proven way to build long-term customer relationships and drive sustainable revenue,” stated Sai Koppala, CMO of SheerID. “Because our Open Verification Platform creates a direct connection between the brand and the consumer, brands see tremendous results. We’re very excited about the release of our marketing suite of products to help our clients drive even more revenue performance.”

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