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ShipERP & Reveel strategically partner, introduce ShipERP Spotlight

Integrated Enterprise Shipping Solution Leverages Machine Learning for Advanced Parcel Spend Management

ShipERP, the leading multi-carrier parcel shipping software provider, today announced its partnership with Reveel, the pioneering expert in parcel spend management. This strategic partnership represents a groundbreaking milestone in both companies’ shared commitment to providing forward-thinking solutions to their valued customers. Together, both companies introduce ShipERP Spotlight, an innovative parcel shipping spend management platform that harnesses the power of AI and business intelligence to empower ShipERP customers with actionable insights that provide businesses with enhanced control over their shipping expenses and enable substantial cost savings.

Key features of ShipERP Spotlight:

Advanced AI & Business Intelligence: Analyze over 160 million lines of shipping data for improved data-decision making with an intuitive, user-friendly interface, allowing for customizable reports and data visualization.

Shipping Vital Factors: Engage in active shipping management with real-time visibility over key performance areas and metrics, including serving spend, surcharge spend, average cost-per-shipment, minimum charges, average shipping weight and average zone.

Carrier Contract Management: Monitor and manage carrier contracts, revenue tiers, and discounts and receive real-time alerts when opportunities to negotiate better rates, terms and conditions with carriers arise.

Parcel Invoice Audit: Automatically audit invoices and service legal agreements to identify overpayments and potential refunds.

Real-time Parcel Shipping Visibility: Gain instant access to comprehensive parcel shipping data, allowing for real-time tracking of shipments, carrier performance monitoring, access to historical shipping records, and opportunities to drive savings.

Unique Peer Index: Compare parcel shipping performance against organizations with a similar shipping profile to identify opportunities for improvement and savings. Powered by Reveel, ShipERP Spotlight eliminates the need for businesses to hire a shipping consultant to manually comb through vast amounts of parcel spend data to find cost-saving opportunities. The platform enables a higher degree of transparency for any company to save an average of 22% shipping costs that current customers enjoy.

“Given the trajectory of eCommerce and global trade, it’s no wonder companies invest large amounts of money to painstakingly scrape through data–shipping intelligence has never been more valuable or more critical to enterprise success,” said Alan Hopper, EVP of Global Development, ShipERP. “Our partnership with Reveel to introduce ShipERP Spotlight marks a significant milestone for our customers. This new platform optimizes and automates a part of the supply chain that has historically required quite a bit of expertise and data manipulation. The result is massive cost savings for our customers.”

The strategic partnership aims to empower customers with an advanced solution that simplifies complex shipping data and enables shippers to optimize their operations and drive bottom line and top line results.

“Reveel is comprised of former carrier executives, so we’ve talked to hundreds of shippers to understand their blind spots and what information enables them to improve their operations while radically lowering costs,” Reveel’s Vice President of Partnerships, Marc Aliotta, said. “We are absolutely committed to helping shippers level the playing field with carriers. Our collaboration with ShipERP is a testament to our shared dedication to delivering value through parcel spend management.

ShipERP Spotlight is available to ShipERP customers immediately, and both companies look forward to helping businesses achieve their parcel shipping goals through this pioneering partnership. Businesses interested in integrating ShipERP Spotlight can contact Senior Product Manager, Dave McQuinn, at

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