Shipium and GLS to Bring Fast and Reliable Delivery to Western U.S.

The partnership makes on-time and affordable shipping with GLS an immediate option on Shipium's platform.

Shipium, the premier shipping platform for e-commerce retailers, today announced a partnership with GLS, a leading provider of parcel delivery services across the Western U.S.

Shipium is the leading e-commerce shipping platform for retailers and 3PLs. Customers turn to Shipium when fast, affordable, and on-time delivery becomes a business priority. The company works with shippers of all sizes who need reliable carrier options throughout the Western US.

GLS, headquartered in Santa Fe Springs, CA, has been servicing the Western U.S. region since 1995 under previously acquired companies and reaches over a million consumers monthly. Shippers looking to diversify their volumes consider GLS a trusted partner.

GLS has seen an increase in customer interest since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic due to the increase in e-commerce deliveries. Navigating the maze of parcel management technology has significantly hindered potential new GLS customers from utilizing their superior regional services. The partnership with Shipium has alleviated that burden by making GLS immediately available when using the Shipium platform.

“Accurate and speedy delivery has never been more important, but that’s hard to match with the rising shipping costs,” said Steven Bergan, President at GLS. “GLS is a leading option for shippers to balance affordability and delivery experience across the Western U.S. Shipium makes it easy to ensure our customers can use our network immediately. We love it when our customers use Shipium.”

The trade-offs between speed, accuracy, and costs have proven to be strong. Shippers who use GLS and Shipium together can see a percent reduction of costs in the double digits while seeing most Western U.S. deliveries move to the 2-3 day range.

“GLS is an important partner for shippers on the Western U.S. Their services are an essential option for retailers or 3PLs looking to reduce costs while still consistently hitting 2-3 day deliveries,” said Jason Murray, CEO of Shipium. “We are excited to be the enterprise option for GLS customers.”

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