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Shipup announces Agop Ashjian as New CEO


Shipup, a leader in the post-purchase technology market, today announced the appointment of Agop Ashjian as its new CEO. This strategic move underscores Shipup’s commitment to innovation, global expansion, and leadership in the post-purchase experience market.

Ashjian brings a wealth of retail and commerce experience and expertise to Shipup, having previously served in various roles within Global Blue, a leader in the Tax-Free Shopping industry. His experience, which included overseeing the Global Blue RetailTech portfolio, has honed his skills in financial management, strategic planning, and retail technologies. Ashjian comes to Shipup as the retail industry hears calls from customers to enhance personalization, sustainability practices, and data security.

The post-purchase sector is rapidly growing as competitors from across the retail sphere recognize the potential in enhancing the customer journey after the sale, presenting a wealth of opportunities for innovation and growth. The appointment comes at a crucial time as momentum for the company builds toward achieving a prominent global position.

“I am honored to lead this dynamic team into the future as we redefine the post-purchase experience for businesses worldwide. Our commitment to innovation is unwavering, and our strategic partnership with Global Blue will continue to play a pivotal role in realizing our vision,” said Agop Ashjian, CEO of Shipup. “We aim to set industry standards, contribute valuable insights, and deliver transformative results for retailers, ultimately shaping the next chapter of post-purchase technology.”

Ashjian’s mandate as CEO includes significantly expanding Shipup’s market reach, with a particular focus on accelerating growth in the European and U.S. markets. This expansion aligns with Shipup’s strategy to increase its global footprint and revenue while fostering customer loyalty and business growth through continued innovation.

Under Ashjian’s leadership, Shipup is set to expand its investment in unique capabilities and technologies, ensuring the company maintains a competitive edge in the fast-evolving e-commerce space. Shipup’s transformative solutions continue to strategically position it as an indispensable partner for enterprises looking to elevate their post-purchase customer experience.

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