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Shopify App which helps increase sales offers free 30 day trial

Personalization for everyone: twik offers the most suitable products to visitors of the store, for the purpose of autonomously increasing sales
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In 2020, twik celebrated the unofficial Independence Day of virtual stores with the launch of twik’s personalization app – the app that autonomously increases sales in Shopify stores. Now the app is taking it a step further with automations that provide another strong boost to sales.

Friendly platforms such as Shopify allow store owners to easily set up a virtual store. Which solution allows them to easily boost sales? Until recently, this question remained unanswered, and store owners had to sweat to maximize traffic to their store.

In 2020, all that changed, following the launch of the twik app for Shopify stores. This app automatically increases their store’s sales by using a personalization system that displays for each user the products best suited to them. The app is based on twik’s personalization engine, which, with the help of Artificial Intelligence and Business Intelligence components, analyses the visitor characteristics using dozens of different parameters. With the help of this information, the system offers each visitor the most relevant products and navigation for them, in a way that leads to an improved conversion rate and an increase in store sales.

Most importantly: all these actions are performed behind the scenes, completely automatically, without the store owner, having to do a thing.

Where did it all start? In the last few years, twik’s personalization system has been used by thousands of small businesses alongside leading international corporations. Following this success, the twik app was launched in 2020, and it has since become one of the most popular apps in the Shopify app store. It has even been rated one of the four best apps by the Shopify team (Staff Picks). The great news is that any business has the ability to autonomously increase sales at a low monthly price that, and that’s even before the latest innovations.

Innovations in the Twik App: Boosters for Increasing Sales

Twik’s development doesn’t stop, and following the success of the app for Shopify, twik have launched a series of innovations that are even better and more efficient at increasing sales. The first of these innovations is an upgrade to the user experience and dashboards, which includes a user-friendly display that allows store owners to easily track the increase in their sales.

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