ShopLiftr Effectively Promotes Brands While Inflation Continues


If navigating the pandemic was not enough, high inflation and market instability have created ongoing problems for brands, retailers, and consumers alike, particularly as the holiday season approaches. The uptick in deal-seeking behavior from consumers is unlike any previous single-year increase as tech-savvy shoppers use more resources and touchpoints to find savings across their grocery shopping. Yet in the face of impacted marketing budgets, the brands, and retailers that consumers are searching for, are tasked with finding increasing efficiencies in their media investments while still delivering results.

As the passing autumn months point to impending holiday celebrations and gatherings, shoppers are looking through a lens of discounts and deals to offset sky-high food prices. The print circular remains central to grocery planning and securing savings for consumers, where their number one concern is feeding their families within constrained budgets. With an estimated year-over-year (YoY) increase of 13.1% in grocery prices1, the sector is remarking that brand and retailer loyalty are valued less by shoppers.

Engaging price-led, cross-brand shoppers is critical to winning consumers’ hearts and wallets. Promoting in-stock, localized products with personalized messaging is the answer while achieving an efficient marketing outcome.

ShopLiftr’s managed solution ensures brands and retailers reach their target audience effectively, and that relevant messaging and offers are presented to drive engagement and purchase. Powered by the largest, most comprehensive proprietary database of active trade promotions across the top three hundred grocery chains in North America, ShopLiftr’s unique dynamic creative platform supports responsive, personalized display and video ad units. It enables brands to promote savings on consumers’ favorite products, effectively maintaining and increasing market share, and drives in-store traffic to the supported retailer(s). Serving hyper-local deals to consumers in real-time, in turn, saves them time and money.

While marketers are frequently enticed to utilize in-house retail media networks purporting more direct access to consumers, promoting with only select retailers is an inefficient allocation of marketing budget and is limiting reach to consumers. The best time to show shoppers how much they can save is before they create their shopping list, by offering personalized products, available now, in their proximity. ShopLiftr’s digital ad tech platform has been built specifically to put our clients’ products on the shopping list. Effective and efficient, ShopLiftr-powered campaigns deliver outstanding results for brands and retailers, continually exceeding industry norms.

As the holidays approach, give your consumers a way to access the deals that you want to share. With ShopLiftr, you’ll get proven results – even on a budget!

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