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ShopRunner Launches New Mobile App

Unveils Evolved Brand Inspiring Consumers to “Shop Boldly” with Confidence Online

Today, ShopRunner, a subsidiary of FedEx, announced the launch of the new ShopRunner mobile application, which provides consumers with a simple, streamlined experience throughout the entire shopping journey from discovery to tracking. With overwhelming brand choice, ever-changing return policies, and tracking number disorganization, the ShopRunner app helps cut through the frustrating online shopping experiences that consumers encounter regularly and provides a single destination to discover, order, track, and return with ease.

ShopRunner is also unveiling an evolved brand and new campaign to inspire consumers to “Shop Boldly.” ShopRunner’s new look and feel reflects the platform’s focus on making shopping experiences simple and putting confidence back in how people shop online. Since combining the power of the ShopRunner platform with the strength of the FedEx network and services, ShopRunner has increased its member base while extending its reach to new merchants and consumers.

“ShopRunner is giving e-commerce the makeover it deserves through an approachable mobile app to help people overcome today’s frustrating and overwhelming online shopping experience,” said Claude Russ, CEO of ShopRunner. “With simplicity at the center of ShopRunner, our goal is to unlock a more enjoyable way to shop while also making it easier for merchants to build loyalty with their customers.”

Unexpectedly Simple

The ShopRunner app is designed to alleviate the cumbersome e-commerce shopping experience by simplifying it. Now, through its mobile app, ShopRunner is changing the way people navigate online shopping. With a single mobile entryway, each member’s feed can be optimized through their browsing and purchase history to discover new brands and connect with their favorites. Most importantly, members can purchase, ship, track, and return items in an easy, safe, and secure experience through an intuitive interface.

Members can also enjoy benefits including free two-day shipping, free returns, member-exclusive discounts, and seamless checkout. ShopRunner’s data-driven marketing and omnichannel enablement capabilities can also help merchants acquire high-value customers and accelerate their digital innovation by using ShopRunner’s e-commerce platform.

What Consumers Can Expect

ShopRunner already connects millions of its members to their favorite brands, enabling an easy and intuitive shopping experience, from inspiration through delivery. Members will have a single destination to discover, track, and return goods at the swipe of a finger, specifically:

  • Access to diverse brands and retailers across beauty, fashion, electronics, home and more
  • Dynamic customer support content tailored to where an order is on its journey to help the customer and provide answers in the most direct way possible
  • An optimized feed available for members to explore new brands and goods inspired by their securely stored purchase and browsing history
  • Fast and free delivery and returns
  • Automatic tracking once enrolled for ShopRunner online orders that’s shipper agnostic, so you know so you know where an item you ordered is in its journey to you

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