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ShopVue betters UI to create better Customer Experience

Accelerate Adoption in Digital Transformation with a Robust User Interface Built for Manufacturing Management
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ShopVue, a modular Manufacturing Execution System (MES), today announced the release of the ShopVue Control Center, a robust shop floor management user interface. The new UI empowers manufacturing management by providing access to key information, essential to operate at peak efficiency.

The ShopVue Control Center is optimized to run on any device, anywhere—providing full visibility into shop floor operations. It is also configured to support specific roles, including Production Supervisors, Planning / Scheduling, Engineering, Quality, HR, and System Administration.

“ShopVue Control Center enables our customers to establish, manage, and measure rules, definitions, and workflows to ensure operations follow the processes that yield excellence. ShopVue has been given the much-needed facelift and enjoyable, intuitive UX customers have been asking for,” said Steve Cascio, Chief Customer Officer, ShopVue.

Building upon ShopVue’s deep functionality, the modernized UI enhancements include the following:

  • Greater scheduling capabilities
  • Improved data filtering and navigational capabilities
  • Use of dynamic menus in addition to side bar menus
  • Increased controls and flexibility
  • Enhanced “offline” capabilities
  • Powerful user experience
  • Customizable reporting and dashboards

The ShopVue Control Center enhancements were designed to address the industry’s need to accelerate adoption of Digital Transformation. To do this the ShopVue user experience needed to evolve to match its depth of functionality. The Control Center has achieved just that. ShopVue’s user experience is now aligned with its top shelf technology.

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