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Showpad Launches Automated Question-based Analytics & Insights

Showpad’s Analytics and Insights dashboards will turn platform data into actionable insights

Showpad, the global leader in sales enablement technology, announced today that it launched new automated question-based Analytics and Insights dashboards that reinvent the way customers access data and insights in Showpad. This first-of-its-kind sales enablement analytics update empowers Showpad eOS® customers to make more strategic business decisions through an automated question-based approach to delivering analytics and actionable insights.

Each question-based dashboard is designed to provide focused answers to key questions customers ask that will help to advance their sales enablement strategy. Questions include:

  • Are my users completing their courses?
  • What content do our users spend the most time looking for?
  • What content impacts revenue the most?

The new dashboards go beyond simply providing answers; they empower customers with actionable insights that help them upskill their sellers, improve their content ROI, and drive more impactful buyer conversations. Each insight is grounded in relevant context via auto-generated industry benchmarks that help companies better understand their own performance. Recommended guidance based on Showpad’s own sales enablement best practices allow customers to take strategic action on each insight generated, saving them time while fueling smarter decision-making.

“In today’s macroeconomic landscape, more and more business leaders are thinking about ways to increase efficiency while multiplying their business impact,” said Tony Grout, Chief Product Officer at Showpad. “Our new approach to analytics and insights is designed to help customers stop wasting time sifting through mountains of complex graphs and data sets, and instead guide them directly to the answers they need to maximize productivity and accelerate business growth.”

The new market-leading dashboards will be available to all Showpad customers on March 29, 2023. Showpad will continue to enrich its question-based Analytics and Insights by releasing additional dashboards on an ongoing basis throughout the year.

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