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Showpad Named in 2021 Gartner Guide for Sales Enablement Platforms

Gartner points to growth in revenue enablement to meet evolved buyer demands
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Showpad, a global revenue enablement technology leader, has been included among 15 total vendors in the August 2021 Gartner “Market Guide for Sales Enablement Platforms.”

According to the Market Guide report, “Gartner estimates that revenue in the sales enablement market came to $1.7 billion in 2020, an increase of approximately 12.1% over the prior year.” The shift to hybrid and digital selling–along with the evolved needs and expectations of today’s informed buyers–has driven this industry growth. According to McKinsey, 83% of B2B decision makers see staying power with the new hybrid sales model. Sales and marketing leaders have had to reconfigure their tech stacks to ensure they can support this evolved model.

While sales enablement is the traditional approach, revenue enablement is emerging with the focus on enabling all individuals in revenue roles to drive more engaging interactions with buyers. Revenue enablement in particular is on the rise, as organizations increasingly look to enable all revenue teams–not just sellers–with relevant digital content, training, and coaching in order to meet buyer expectations and compete with other modern selling organizations. As the authors of the Market Guide mention, “tools often focus on sellers, but these tools can and are being used to train customer-facing, revenue generating employees such as customer success and sales engineers.”

“As organizations continue to work digitally and in hybrid environments, it’s crucial to equip revenue teams with a complete revenue enablement platform as part of their core tech stack. Where Showpad really stands out in the industry is our focus on enabling not just sellers, but all revenue employees,” said Louis Jonckheere, co-founder, president, and chief product officer of Showpad. “This momentum and growth in the market doesn’t come as a surprise to us as modern organizations need to invest in revenue enablement in order to thrive in all sales interactions. We believe our recognition in this Market Guide report confirms our position as a leading platform in enabling modern go-to-market teams to deliver the best buyer experiences.”

The digital overhaul that has disrupted the sales space seems to only have just begun. Gartner predicts that “by 2025, 80% of B2B sales interactions between suppliers and buyers will occur in digital channels.”

“We have found in our own research that 92% of leaders from B2B organizations think that remote workforces will remain the norm,” said Jonckheere. “Modern selling is hybrid and non-linear, and successful revenue teams guide the buyer from start to finish on their sales journeys. With tools like Showpad’s Shared Spaces and MeetingIQ, along with mediums like video which allow for the creation of more engaging content, revenue teams have the resources and potential to create personalized experiences for buyers. We’re prepared to continue to deliver a platform that empowers modern revenue teams to meet the needs and exceed the expectations of their buyers.”

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