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Sideqik Integrates Impact’s Partnership Cloud Capabilities

Sideqik, an influencer marketing platform

Sideqik, an influencer marketing platform used by the world’s leading consumer brands, today announced a new integration with Impact’s Partnership Cloud™ to help brands better track actions, payments, and campaign conversions directly within the Sideqik platform. Together, Impact and Sideqik will provide greater insight than ever before into influencer and partner marketing campaign performance.

One of the top challenges marketers face with their influencer marketing programs is the inability to accurately measure return on investment (ROI). While Sideqik offers significant guidance in this area, the partnership with Impact will further enable customers to track results by measuring earned media value, conversions, and revenue. Additionally, the partnership will streamline tracking link set-up using Sideqik’s automated recruitment forms, creating a more seamless experience for both brand and influencer. Once Sideqik Recruit has collected the influencer’s information, it automatically syncs that data with the influencer’s Impact profile to better understand an individual influencer’s value.

“Our goal at Sideqik is to give our customers the ability to scale their influencer marketing programs with ease, while also providing the best tools to measure success,” said Jeremy Haile, CEO of Sideqik. “The integration with Impact’s Partnership Cloud not only aligns with trends in the market such as ROI tracking and creating measurable business goals versus vanity metrics for influencer marketing campaigns, but enables companies to ultimately boost their bottom line by making their programs more robust and efficient.”

For example, the integration will also allow companies to identify key performance trends by individual influencer or by campaign and export conversion and revenue data generated by influencers or affiliates — ultimately allowing brands to easily measure KPIs for specific campaigns.

Paving the way in the ever-evolving influencer marketing industry, this partnership serves as an addition to the company’s existing list of integrations readily available with Sideqik — such as Facebook, Twitter, Mailchimp, conversion tracking, Google Analytics, and custom integrations available through the API and webhooks. The company plans to continue adding integrations that enable enterprise brands to innovate and scale high-value influencer marketing campaigns.

“New marketing channels emerge every day, and it’s imperative to stay connected with your audience no matter where their attention lands,” said Mike Head, GM of Impact’s Partnership Cloud. “Tracking business metrics and providing results for all types of partnerships, such as influencers can be a gray area for a lot of businesses, so we are excited to offer this integration, giving brands the ability to easily and cost-effectively report on the ROI of prominent and increasingly valuable influencer relationships.”

This is just one of many enhancements on Sideqik’s roadmap to create a more integrated platform for brands looking to scale their influencer marketing strategy. The platform also allows for a fully-integrated approach, with the ability to easily integrate existing CRM, analytics, and affiliate systems to better understand and contextualize influencer marketing efforts. Sideqik was named one of the Top 10 Innovative Technology Companies in Georgia by the Technology Association of Georgia (TAG), the state’s leading association dedicated to the promotion and economic advancement of Georgia’s technology industry.

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