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Sigma Computing Launches on Databricks’ Lakehouse Platform

Partnership enables Databricks customers to explore massive live datasets safely and securely
Sigma Computing

Sigma Computing (“Sigma”), the fast, easy-to-use and powerful alternative to traditional business intelligence (BI), today announced a deepened integration with partner Databricks, allowing platforms to connect and streamline data insights under one, simplified ecosystem.

Benefitting users with access to massive live datasets for analytics, the partnership connects Databricks users to Sigma through Databricks Partner Connect, which allows Databricks customers to find trusted solutions to connect to powerful BI and analytics platforms in a one-stop portal.

“The Databricks and Sigma integration increases the productivity of both data and business teams across the modern data stack,” says Ali Ghodsi, Co-founder and CEO of Databricks. “Now, our customers can work live on massive datasets in the Databricks Lakehouse using the familiar tabular UI that Sigma is known for while still protecting data privacy using Databricks Unity Catalog for security and governance.”

“Sigma on Databricks unifies data and business teams, enabling them to conduct exploratory analysis with speed, scale and ease of use that never leaves the Databricks Lakehouse,” says Mike Palmer, CEO of Sigma Computing.

The new integration will benefit customers across a variety of sectors including marketing and advertising, media, digital publishing, and financial services.

Top Sigma for Databricks benefits include:

  • Dynamic, live data for your analytics. Cloud-scale, live data can be analyzed at a granular level by any business user at an organization leveraging Databricks to manage its data, AI and ML;
  • Users already know how to use Sigma. Sigma requires no coding skills or specialized training. If you know how to use a spreadsheet, you know how to use Sigma. No coding required;
  • Build data products faster. Develop dashboards, visualizations, embedded data products, and guest users easily and push out your data products to your internal or external audiences;
  • Use all of your data, not just parts of it. Sigma’s spreadsheet-like interface empowers users to conduct ad hoc analysis and explore all their data without the constraints of pre-defined drill paths set up by an admin.

Financial services customer Greenland Capital Management has been beta testing the integration for several months.

“Greenland has been thoughtful in its approach to its data stack. We needed a platform to bridge the gap between our data warehouse, our data catalog, and, ultimately, the analysis we do on a day-to-day basis,” says Nan Xiao, Chief Technology Officer at Greenland Capital Management. “Partnering with Databricks and Sigma allowed us to organize, explore and analyze our data in order to deliver data outputs for general consumption.”

To leverage the integration, find Sigma in Databricks Partner Connect.

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