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Sigma Computing to Present New Disruptions to Business Intelligence

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  • Cloud analytics innovator to reveal industry-first ad-hoc analytics and collaboration features for Snowflake Data Cloud.
  • US Foods, GoPuff, and Prologis to join panel discussion on becoming data-driven organizations with Sigma for Snowflake.

Sigma Computing (“Sigma”), the fast, simple and extremely powerful alternative to traditional business intelligence (BI), will be presenting and exhibiting at Snowflake Summit 2022 in Las Vegas, June 13-16. During the summit, Sigma will unveil several major feature updates launching through the end of the year, which will add industry-first capabilities to meet the broader analytics, collaboration and data-sharing needs of everyday business users.

Sigma is designed from the ground-up to deliver sub-second speeds at cloud scale, alongside the simplicity to serve business users with all levels of spreadsheet skills. Requiring only a one-time deployment that takes minutes, enterprise users can generate on-demand data insights. Sigma’s spreadsheet-like interface dramatically simplifies complex analytics by empowering business users to build sophisticated pivot tables, quickly create and iterate dashboards, and aggregate or free-drill into billions of records. For the first time, cloud scale, live data can be analyzed at a granular level, securely and in seconds, by any user. Sigma’s customers, from fast growing SMBs, to the largest digital natives, and cloud forward Fortune 500 corporations, have a unique, enterprise wide, competitive advantage leveraging their most valuable asset: data.

Now, Sigma is announcing the next phase in the cloud data journey with another industry first: ad hoc data analysis at Snowflake scale. Because more and diverse data generates more accurate and faster decisions, Sigma now enables users to add their own data, and therefore their knowledge, directly to the Snowflake Data Cloud. Data can be input directly by users straight into Snowflake and integrated with the rest of the data, complete with enterprise security and governance. In fact, with lineage, rollback and reporting, data that is added to Snowflake is more secure than the common spreadsheet or data extracts. This critical new, unique capability, generates vast new cloud data uses, including live scenario modeling, interactive data products, application and workflow development, and much more. Recognizing that decisions often take teamwork, Sigma empowers teams to concurrently edit a Workbook, so analysis and decision making happen with greater velocity, more accuracy, and with a complete record of data and communication lineage.

Sigma will be exhibiting these latest path-breaking features to amplify the value of its no-code, live data analytics platform for the Data Cloud at booth #819.

On June 14 at 1:30 p.m. PDT, Mike Palmer, CEO, Sigma Computing, will host a live fireside discussion, entitled “How US Foods, GoPuff, and Prologis Drive Analytics at Snowflake Scale.” Chuck Sample, VP, Analytics & Data Science, US Foods; Mike Angelo, Senior Manager, Analytics Engineering, GoPuff; and Luke Slotwinski, Vice President, head of Data and Analytics, Prologis, will join Palmer on stage to discuss the significant benefits the two technologies are having on their businesses by providing access to granular data and analytics to turn insights into actions.

On June 14 at 12:00 p.m. PDT, Jon Avrach, Sr. Director, Solution Architecture & Evangelism, Sigma, will present on how Sigma empowers any spreadsheet-savvy business user to aggregate, drill down, pivot and visualize billion-row tables of live data to immediately analyze and act on. In this session, titled “Breaking the BI Wall: Human-Centered Analytics,” Avrach will illustrate how Sigma extends the reach and power of Snowflake to employees across an organization by enabling them to utilize data in Snowflake via first-to-the-industry features, and will offer an early look with demos of the newest features being presented at the show.

For more, visit and look for the company at Snowflake Summit 2022.

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