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Similarweb announced an open beta release of SAM

Going beyond other sales AI co-pilots, SAM fits into existing sales workflows to pinpoint high-impact opportunities and build trust through data-driven, consultative selling.

Similarweb is announcing an open beta release of SAM, an AI-powered sales assistant that brings digital intelligence insights into the salesperson’s daily workflow.

SAM, the Similarweb Sales AI Module, is one of many ways Similarweb is combining the power of Digital Data with large language model (LLM) generative AI. The SimilarAsk™ digital assistant was introduced in 2023 to speed customer discovery of Similarweb data and insights. SAM builds on the success of the Insights Generator sidebar in Similarweb Sales Intelligence – except that with SAM, those insights become readily available through a Chrome Extension that fits into existing workflows.

Similarweb innovation partners who are part of the SAM trial include industry leaders like DHL Express in global logistics, SaaS powerhouses such as Bannerflow and Commversion, and eCommerce platform provider Visualsoft.

“Powered by the same OpenAI GPT-4 algorithms as ChatGPT, SAM helps salespeople identify the right prospects at the right time and target them with the right message,” said Similarweb CEO Or Offer. “Rather than expecting every salesperson to become a ‘prompt engineer,’ SAM proactively inserts data-driven messages into the sales workflow without needing to be prompted. By making the salesperson an expert on the prospect, its industry, and its unique business challenges, we can dramatically improve the odds of closing a deal.”

SAM is not just another chatbot or “co-pilot.” Implemented as a browser extension, SAM uses the regular workflow of sales research as its input. As a result, SAM informs sales pitches and meetings with a prospect or current customer with insights drawn from Similarweb’s unique Digital Data.

Beyond just presenting charts and graphs, SAM uses AI text generation to suggest sales messages likely to resonate with the potential customer. Salespeople can then incorporate those messages into pitch emails, use them to prepare for a meeting, or leverage them to advise existing customers on opportunities to improve their digital profile.

SAM is meant to accompany salespeople wherever they go on the web, integrating with multiple productivity and research tools – starting with LinkedIn and Google Calendar. Later in the year, integrations will be added for Gmail and tools such as SalesLoft and Outreach.

More than 25 early beta customers are already using SAM to boost sales effectiveness.

“DHL Express was an early adopter of Similarweb’s Sales Intelligence solution,” said Michiel Greeven, EVP Global Commercial at DHL Express. “Through our design partnership with the Similarweb team, we’ve optimized our sales approach by leveraging data and insights , reinforcing our role as trusted advisor for our customers. SAM will represent the next exciting chapter in our collaboration, empowering our teams to deliver even greater value to our customers and business.”

“Using Similarweb has allowed our sales teams to book more meetings, and close more deals, using accurate data and insights, which ultimately result in an unbiased consultative selling approach,” said Daniel Dixon, VP of Sales at Visualsoft. “By leveraging Similarweb’s insights, we’ve helped them increase revenue and fostered lasting loyalty. With SAM, we will empower our sales team to deliver even greater value and further strengthen these vital customer relationships.”

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