Simpleview launches the Digital Influence Report (DIR)

Simpleview's Digital Influence Report supports destination organizations' stakeholders and improves digital presence across all platforms

Simpleview, the leading provider of CRM, CMS, and marketing solutions for destinations worldwide, has launched the Digital Influence Report (DIR) — a tool for community alignment, stakeholder engagement, and digital excellence.

The DIR gives destination organizations an opportunity to build stronger relationships with community partners while helping them upscale their online presence. Coupled with the Digital Excellence Program, a multi-phase destination development and reporting solution, the DIR provides a framework that enables destinations to make a broader impact on their branding by helping partners represent themselves online and strengthen their digital footprint.

With this advanced reporting, destinations and their individual partners receive “report cards” that highlight where they are doing well online and what areas need improvement. The report serves as a channel to connect with partners and show them the role they play in the destination brand.

“The Digital Influence Report is the ultimate tool for community alignment, stakeholder engagement, and digital excellence,” said Ryan George, CEO of Simpleview. “Destinations have seen significant success in both increasing their digital footprint and building stronger relationships with partners at all levels. We are excited to bring this important tool to DMOs to help them seamlessly showcase their destination brand.”

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