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Singular Raises $30M Series B Funding Round to Help Growth Marketers


Singular, the marketing intelligence platform that unifies marketing analytics for the world’s best digital marketers, announced today that it has closed $30 million in Series B funding. The new funding will be used to accelerate product development and innovation, revolutionizing how growth marketers use data to drive decisions. Scott Beechuk, partner at Norwest Venture Partners and former SVP of product management at Salesforce Service Cloud, will join Singular’s board of directors.

Marketers have more data than ever before. But hundreds of advertising partners and thousands of marketing technologies produce siloed and incompatible datasets. Singular unifies that data, turning marketing noise into intelligent, predictive, actionable signal.

“If data is the new oil, Singular is the refinery,” says CEO Gadi Eliashiv. “Data is critical for modern marketing success, but without standardization and normalization — and smart algorithms to extract actionable intelligence — the marketing engine runs out of fuel.”

Singular’s marketing intelligence platform has revolutionized how the world’s leading growth marketers at companies like Lyft, Yelp, Airbnb, LinkedIn, Symantec, Zynga, Match, and Twitter access and analyze their data.

Customers rely on Singular to consolidate billions of data points from apps and web into a single dashboard to generate actionable marketing insights and attribute sales outputs to marketing inputs.

Singular already optimizes more than $10 billion in annual ad spend for its customers, three times more than its nearest competitor, and customers have used the platform to analyze well over a trillion connections with customers in the past 12 months. Brands using Singular typically achieve 2X growth in conversion rates as they optimize campaigns, creative, and ROI.

“Singular has been the key to uncovering ROI across our entire customer journey, which powers us to intelligently grow our business,” says Kasim Zorlu, VP Performance Marketing at Rovio. “By utilizing Singular’s attribution as part of its larger platform to unify the data across our entire marketing stack, we’ve gained access to unrivaled granularity to optimize against.”

Singular powers profitable customer acquisition by combining upper-funnel campaign and spend data with bottom funnel conversion, attribution, and customer behavior data in one unified view. Deep integrations with more than 2,000 global marketing and advertising partners including official measurement partner status with Google, Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Pinterest, and Quora enable unprecedented data completeness and integrity.

The result is total marketing intelligence: big picture and ground truth. Aggregation, and granularity.

“We believe Singular has the opportunity to become foundational to every marketing team’s stack, especially as the world moves more and more towards data-driven marketing and customer engagement,” Scott Beechuk, Partner Norwest Venture Partners. “The company’s wide integration and deep analytics capabilities enable Singular to collect mobile and web data that no one else can, which in turn allows them to become the de-facto source of truth for all CMOs. The holy grail for all C-suite executives is having all the data driving their business in a single pane of glass with the ability to optimize ROI across all channels holistically. Singular enables this magic for its customers.”

About Singular
Singular is a marketing intelligence platform that unifies marketing analytics, giving marketers actionable insights from previously siloed data. By connecting upper funnel marketing data with lower-funnel attribution data, marketers can measure ROI from every touchpoint across multiple channels and optimize spend down to the most granular levels. Singular currently tracks over $10 billion in digital marketing spend to revenue and lifetime value across industries including commerce, travel, gaming, entertainment, media, and on-demand services. Singular customers include companies like Lyft, Yelp, Airbnb, LinkedIn, Symantec, Zynga, Match, and Twitter. Singular is backed by Norwest Venture Partners, General Catalyst, Thomvest Ventures, Method Capital, Translink Capital, DCM and Telstra Ventures.

About Norwest Venture Partners
Norwest is a premier multi-stage investment firm managing more than $7.5 billion in capital. Since our inception, we have invested in more than 600 companies and partner with over 140 active companies across our venture and growth equity portfolio. The firm invests in early to late stage companies across a wide range of sectors with a focus on consumer, enterprise, and healthcare. We offer a deep network of connections, operating experience, and a wide range of impactful services to help CEOs and founders scale their businesses. Norwest has offices in Palo Alto and San Francisco, with subsidiaries in India and Israel.

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