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Skan launches ProcessGPT™

Skan (“Skan“), a frontrunner in process and operational intelligence, today announced ProcessGPT™, a new suite of capabilities that enables its customers to significantly enhance productivity via generative AI.

Skan is an established zero integration, AI-driven technology for customers looking for an insightful, data-driven approach to improving productivity, lowering costs, and accelerating workforce transformation. In its initial release, Skan ProcessGPT™ introduces askSkan TM and Business Process Copilot ™, to add automated hypothesis generation to expand insights and accelerate actions.

Built upon Skan’s industry-leading process intelligence platform, these capabilities deliver open, reliable, real-time generative experiences across all applications and workflows. Skan’s goal is to aid enterprises in formulating a reimagined work model, blending the strengths of human and machine intelligence through digital processes. Skan’s latest capabilities combine the generative prowess of Large Language Models (LLMs) with Skan’s foundational process data model, designed around zero-integration, continuous monitoring, and secure architecture.

Skan ProcessGPT™ offers a strategic pivot for enterprises seeking to leverage generative AI to improve human-machine interaction and achieve superior work outcomes. askSkan™ features a prompt-driven conversational platform for process discovery. Business Process Copilot™ , an auto-generated process optimization engine, generates real-time content and correspondence and automates the execution of human tasks. These tools expedite the adoption of generative AI and allow teams to multiply their capabilities responsibly, combining the best of human and AI strengths.

“We are fundamentally changing how business execution can be reimagined and supercharged with the power of AI. Helping our customers move from insight to action at the speed of intent is at the heart of what Skan delivers,” stated Avinash Misra, Skan CEO.

“Integrating Large Language Models (LLMs) with our revolutionary and proprietary observation-based business execution models gives our customers valuable new tools to augment business execution,” stated Manish Garg, CTO and CPO of Skan. “And Skan’s proprietary event-driven architecture and information security controls mitigate the risks associated with generative AI. That is why we call it trusted generative AI”.

Skan’s ProcessGPT is being piloted by enterprise customers as co-innovation partners to transform customer and member service, claims, underwriting, and finance operations. General release to follow.

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