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Skykit Joins the Datadog Marketplace

Offering allows users to securely display dashboards on large format screens

Skykit, a leader in digital signage and workplace experience solutions, announced today a new integration with Datadog, Inc. (NASDAQ: DDOG), the monitoring and security platform for cloud applications. The integration is now available in the Datadog marketplace.

Datadog consolidates metrics, traces, logs and more to help organizations scale their cloud environments, troubleshoot potential issues and provide their customers with excellent digital experiences. The Datadog Marketplace connects Datadog customers with unique technology integrations that allow for more customization and flexibility. The Marketplace is a part of the Datadog Partner Network, which features benefits including access to dedicated sales and marketing resources and premium Datadog product training materials.

Skykit is improving how companies communicate key data with employees through digital signage. Skykit Dashboard Connections are now available to Datadog customers enabling them to securely connect their dashboards to large format screens through Skykit Beam, a cloud-based digital signage CMS. Businesses that leverage this functionality increase the number of employees who can view and act on real-time data, reduce the amount of time previously spent manually connecting dashboards to screens and increase data security measures.

Skykit is now a Datadog Partner Network (DPN) member and is demonstrating success building products that can be integrated with Datadog’s products, helping Datadog customers evaluate and use their technology productively, at scale and at varying levels of complexity.

“We are excited to welcome Skykit to the Datadog Marketplace,” said Alex Vetras, Senior Product Manager at Datadog. “Skykit’s digital signage enables our customers to easily and securely display their real-time Datadog dashboards on any screen, anywhere. Be it in the network operations center or on the office floor, Skykit delivers the most relevant monitoring data to the right teams, so they can take action.”

“We are excited to be part of the Datadog Marketplace,” said Irfan Khan, Skykit CEO. “Previously, Datadog customers would rely on a team of employees to manually log in to their dashboards in order to share them on their large format digital screens. Now, using Skykit Dashboard Connections, Datadog customers can easily display their live dashboards and reduce the amount of technical support required to do so.”

Skykit is now available for purchase in the Datadog marketplace. For more information, please visit and search for Skykit.

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