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Skyword launches beta version of Content Atomization in Skyword360


Skyword, the leading content creation software, and services company, today announces the beta launch of Content Atomization in Skyword360. The new feature uses natural language processing (NLP) technology to quickly generate multiple atomized versions of an original piece of content, tailored for different channels and personas.

With Content Atomization, Skyword aims to help brand marketers more efficiently and cost-effectively scale their content to connect with more customers across more touchpoints.

“The customer journey travels through many bought, owned, and earned channels that all require high-quality content. At the same time, brands need more customized versions of that content to generate personalized experiences for their customers. This solution helps marketers meet both those needs without breaking the bank,” says Skyword’s Chief Strategy Officer, Darryl Gehly.

Skyword’s approach multiplies the work of human creators with AI rather than replacing it. While AI-generated content often lacks unique insights and can pull ideas from many unvetted sources around the web, Skyword’s AI Atomization takes an original piece of content—written by and for humans—and automatically adapts it for different use cases.

Skyword’s persona-specific NLP models are each trained on thousands of pieces of content that have been through Skyword’s rigorous editorial review process.

Now in Skyword360 users can select the original asset they want to repurpose and identify which atomized assets need to be generated and for which personas. Within moments, the relevant NLP model(s) return the additional versions of content, and they are ready for review.

Skyword360’s Atomization AI helps marketers to:

  • Save time and money getting all the content they need with automated atomization and personalization;
  • Instantly generate more content and value from every asset they produce;
  • Quickly create a package of multiple, connected assets without requiring complex coordination across different marketing groups;
  • Retain quality across their customer journey with AI that adapts their original, human-generated content for different touchpoints.

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