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SmarterHQ launches tool that leverages predictive marketing across digital channels

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SmarterHQ, The personalization platform has announced the launch of its predictive data tool for its digital marketing practices and data sources. The martech news space is witnessing the market leaning towards leveraging predictive data marketing to further enhance their practices.

This new tool is called Smarter Predictions that connect behavioral data from several sources like mobile applications, web, in/odd-store for fueling automated campaigns through the web, mobile, email push, and ad channels, as stated by the company.

Michael Osborne, the CEO and President of SmarterHQ stated that the objective behind this introduction of the new tool is to support companies and brands in automating their marketing processes as much as possible while allowing quick analysis of potential outcome or reach and making it simpler to predict results and outcomes based on the real data of behavior.

Michael also inferred that the marketers have been in the need for a better grasp of AI technology.

He further added that AI implies that the solution is thinking for the marketers when what it really does is it predicts the potential outcomes of processes by the way of analyzing data more widely and broadly on trends that are surfacing and might be interesting but necessarily aren’t.

Smarter Predictions will be seen supporting the brands in identifying behavioral patterns across several channels and interacting with the spenders that are high in value along with those who are likely to make purchases in the near future, stated the company.

Smarter Predictions will also provide marketers with the ability to understand what customers and inventories are displaying the highest indicators of loyalty alongside their decay and engagement. It will also show the marketers the likelihood of customers to buy their products or services, which will create lifetime value for the firm, added Dean Abbott, the co-founder and chief data scientists at SmarterHQ.

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