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Smarty Goes International Offers Savings & Benefits for Retailers

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Smarty, the premier online shopping destination that saves time and money on online purchases, today announced it is going global: Smarty is now offering cash back and coupons for retailers in Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and Canada.

As a result, international shoppers will get the same great benefits and savings on their online purchases as shoppers in the United States have through Smarty. International shoppers will also get the same perks, including cash back bonuses, double cash back on purchases with Smarty’s retail partners and automated coupon codes applied with the company’s desktop and mobile apps.

“We wanted to expand our savings universe beyond our own borders,” said Vipin Porwal, founder and CEO of Smarty. “We already had shoppers coming in from other countries using Smarty, but now we can better service those users and give them the same savings and benefits. Our goal at Smarty is to be a one-stop savings destination. Now we can do that on a global level.”

“Ecommerce is local,” Porwal added. “Smarty intends to operate its global technology in local ecommerce markets benefiting consumers and merchants alike.”

Smarty’s move into markets around the globe comes in the wake of a series of major additions of services by the company.

In December, SmartyPlus, the premium subscription online shopping service that takes online shopping benefits, efficiencies and savings to the next level, announced a new way for customers to save on food services such as Postmates, UberEats, GrubHub and DoorDash. New food delivery rebates offer SmartyPlus members globally an unlimited number of rebates for the service fees associated with their food deliveries, up to $15 a month. Rebates are available for Uber Eats, DoorDash, and Just Eat, among others.*

Earlier in the year 2021, Smarty launched a new mobile app that seamlessly applies cash back on purchases using IOS or Android. The company also expanded into the travel sector by announcing the launch of SmartTravel Perks – a new service that helps users cash in on bigger savings and find peace of mind when they travel, rent cars and make air travel purchases.

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