SMS App ProTexting is Now Available on eCommerce Platform Shopify

In addition to all recent integrations, ProTexting has added a Shopify App for Order Notifications and Customer 2-Way text messaging. The Shopify SMS Notifications app provides direct worldwide coverage, which was an issue with most messaging apps until now. Press Release by ProTexting LLC.
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Shopify customers can now integrate ProTexting’s SMS app into their online stores.

ProTexting’ Shopify SMS Notifications app is now available at the Shopify App Store, allowing Shopify users to connect with their customers via SMS text messaging. Sellers can send out order status notifications to customers and grow their subscribers using this app.

According to ProTexting CTO Petar Kassov, “E-commerce sellers are always seeking more effective ways to connect with customers. As social media and digital advertising get more competitive and expensive, many sellers are seeing the advantages of using text messages to reach their audience. With the “Shopify SMS Notifications” app, it’s easy for sellers to send messages to customers. After successfully launching text message integration for Amazon Sellers, our team has decided to add similar app to Shopify, available to all online businesses.”

Some of the features of the app include:

  • 2-way messaging allows for fast communication with customers.
  • Send order notifications to keep customers updated. Tell customers when orders are received, shipped, canceled, refunded, or under any other status.
  • Boost reviews. Request that customers review the products they’ve purchased.
  • Send text messages about additional products and promotions to boost sales.
  • Set up SMS or MMS drip campaigns to engage and educate customers.
  • Create contests that recipients enter by texting a SMS keyword.
  • 7-day free trial is available!
  • Integrates with many other apps such as Zapier, MailChimp, Amazon Sellers Messaging, Constant Contact, Google Calendar, and more.

Kassov says, “We expect that more Shopify users will start to learn about how beneficial it is to engage with their customers with text messaging, both SMS and MMS. As so many customers do their online shopping from mobile devices these days, it’s only natural to communicate with them by texting.”

ProTexting is an SMS and MMS marketing platform that helps businesses engage with customers using text message marketing. The service offers a wide range of messaging apps and services to help businesses get the most out of mobile marketing. ProTexting has been in the text messaging industry for over 15 years!

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