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Snapchat unveils DPAs for eCommerce brands

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The major social media application, Snapchat has unveiled Dynamic Product Ads (DPAs) in the UK that offers online retailers with the ability to automatically create and design ads in real-time to a global audience. The DPAs were tested by quite a few top brands in the past month, including brands such as Adidas, Topshop, and Farfetch, and all these companies have noticed positive results to the solution.

This new launch is featured in the marketing technology section because of the enterprise’s martech and PR approaches for offering a solution to advertise for e-commerce brands.

This martech solution was developed in response to the increased growth that has been going on and also further exacerbated in the online shopping sector which has also ended up in several retailers expanding their offerings on e-commerce platforms lately.

This new DPA approach is developed with the intention of making it simpler for organizations to further develop their business of e-commerce by displaying their products and offerings via custom-made ad formats.

It is now possible for these retailers to create real-time ads that they can use to serve in several international markets depending on the product catalogs that are capacious enough to bear hundreds of thousands of items.

These DPAs can be freely accessed and Snapchat further has the belief that this tool will also save the advertisers a lot of time, in terms of creatives processes as well as administratively, as the advertisers are given the ability to run always on measurable campaigns.

All the brands that tested the offering, were in praise about the DPA solution as multiple big organizations are now focusing on e-commerce platforms.

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