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Snappy Kraken unleashes AI

Innovative AI-powered email builder serves as all-in-one, time-saving solution for crafting captivating emails
Snappy Kraken

Snappy Kraken, the martech innovator serving financial advisors, today announced the launch of an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered email builder, enabling advisors tired of staring at a blank screen to craft compelling client and prospect emails in a fraction of the usual time. This breakthrough reimagines mundane headlines into captivating ones; generates personalized and brand-consistent images; and crafts impactful calls to action (CTAs) that yield positive outcomes.

This drag-and-drop email builder, enriched with AI capabilities, encompasses the following features:

  • Magic Image: Empowering advisors to quickly generate unique images, enhancing the visual appeal and hyper-personalization of their emails.
  • Smart Headings: Instantly transforming monotone text by creating engaging and intriguing alternatives that fit advisors’ brand and voice.
  • Smart Text: Allowing advisors to shape their thoughts into well-organized, summarized, simplified, expanded, or revised prose.
  • Smart Button: Infusing CTAs with vibrancy to encourage active participation and drive advisor conversions.

“Many advisors have found themselves caught up in what we call ‘blinking cursor syndrome’ – a situation where they have a great idea they want to communicate to their clients or prospects, but are stuck staring at an empty screen, feeling the pressure, trying to figure out the best way to convey it,” said Robert Sofia, Snappy Kraken’s chief executive officer and co-founder. “Our response, powered by AI, tackles this issue head-on. It streamlines the content creation process for advisors, freeing up their time while increasing their ability to establish and strengthen meaningful connections with clients and prospects in a straightforward, not-overwhelming manner.”

“Our AI-powered email builder functions like a highly energized professional writer, marketer and designer, minus the accompanying overhead,” noted Angel Gonzalez, Snappy Kraken’s chief marketing officer. “This is especially noteworthy as our data indicates that emails constitute the most reliable and significant source of traffic for advisors. With our new email builder, advisors can go from idea to finished email in mere minutes.”

Since Snappy Kraken’s inception in 2016, it has sent more than 100 million emails on behalf of advisors, each of which is subsequently analyzed to extract and refine the keys to success. Throughout its journey, Snappy Kraken has consistently prioritized data-driven decision-making, a principle that led to deliberate testing and assessment of AI’s potential impact. This ensured that AI was strategically deployed to provide maximal value to its advisor clients and their client communications.

The introduction of the AI-powered email builder builds upon Snappy Kraken’s recently announced collaboration with Idea Decanter, aimed at addressing the challenges advisors encounter when utilizing video to craft engaging and impactful campaigns. According to Snappy Kraken’s 2021 State of Digital Marketing report, emails with a video landing page experience a nearly 200 percent increase in click rate and a 20 percent higher open rate compared to those without.

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