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Social Media Marketing Platform Planoly Launches Sellit

New feature allows businesses to start selling online without a website, removing barriers of entry for sellers and simplifying the shopping experience for buyers
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PLANOLY, the industry-leading social marketing platform trusted by over five million users, today introduces sellit. The new eCommerce solution helps small businesses and influencers turn social media followers into buyers without the need for a website. Anyone can easily set up a social storefront, displaying a shoppable version of their Instagram content and a curated gallery of purchasable products and services.

“Simplifying social marketing is at the heart of everything we do at PLANOLY. We developed sellit as a way for budding entrepreneurs and established brick and mortar businesses alike to create an online store quickly, effectively and without hassle,” says Brandy Pham, Founder and Chief Creative Officer, PLANOLY. “Times of crisis have always led to ingenuity, and nowhere is that more clear than among PLANOLY users. We’re watching our users come up with incredibly creative ways to do more and earn more from home.”

With unemployment growing, traditional corporate models faltering, and offline businesses being pushed online, individuals and small businesses are looking for ways to evolve and pivot to earn and serve their customers, friends and fans. With sellit, anyone can:

  • Convert browsers to buyers in one click: By offering single-click checkout, sellit users reduce the likelihood of losing customers along their path to purchase.
  • Sell anything across multiple platforms: Sellit makes it possible to sell digital and physical products or services anywhere you can link – social media, blogs, email, text and more.
  • Save valuable time and resources: Sellit removes the challenge of designing, developing and maintaining a professional eCommerce website, and makes it easier for those businesses with websites to monetize their hard-earned social media audience.
  • Enhance the shopping experience: Businesses can sell curated collections via compelling lifestyle imagery as simply as they arrange their social media feed — a task that requires significant development resources on an eCommerce website.

Draped, a one-woman shop offering vibrant print headwraps and clothing, is one of several small businesses that received early access to sellit and provided ongoing feedback as PLANOLY developed this feature. Each company has used sellit to drive sales directly from social media and improve their customer’s shopping experience.

“PLANOLY’s sellit makes it easy for customers to view my merchandise on any social media platform as if they are shopping in a store. It could be on Twitter or Instagram, and using that link, customers can then shop and check out,” says Holly Draper, Founder of Draped. “The simplicity of setting up your storefront and the insight into your customer’s full path to purchase is incredibly useful for someone who’s beginning their entrepreneurial journey.”

Sellit is currently available for an introductory price of $19 per month ($29 per month after the first three months). Transactional fees include: 2.9% + 30¢ and 2% additional fee. Learn more about sellit here.

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