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Social Stories Launched to Monetize Instagram Content with Video

Connatix's Proprietary Technology Enables Publishers to Seamlessly Turn Content, Captions and Likes From Instagram Into Revenue-Generating Stories on Their Websites
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Connatix, the next-generation video technology company for publishers, announced today the launch of Social Stories, a first-to-market monetization product that enables publishers to generate a stories format from their own Instagram content, embed onsite, and grow revenue with video advertising.

Social Stories, now available in Connatix’s Playspace Platform, creates a direct connection with the publisher’s Instagram account to build self-updating stories for their website. The story will showcase captions, likes and comments, and publishers can automatically refresh the content every hour to keep stories fresh. Created stories can easily be monetized through Playspace, which was designed with an integrated ad server and exchange to scale content and maximize revenue.

Similar to other products in the Playspace platform, Social Stories offers a responsive technology, and will display as either horizontal or vertical based on the screen size or the publisher’s setting. For advertisers, this new format opens up vertical inventory beyond the walled gardens, and gives them a new way to reach audiences who are increasingly focused on social engagement and optimized mobile experiences.

“This is the first time publishers can seamlessly leverage content, comments, captions, and likes from their Instagram posts to create interactive, monetizable stories on their website,” said David Kashak, CEO of Connatix. “Publishers love that this plug-and-play experience is editorially friendly, easily monetizable, and well aligned with the way next generation audiences prefer to consume content. Social Stories flips the script on the typical website-to-social flow of content, enabling social content to be recirculated to support the website.”

According to research Connatix conducted about multigenerational media habits that it published in February, content has seen rapid change over the past decade driven in large part by Gen Z’s social-first mindset and appetite for multi-faceted content. The report, “Gen Z: The New Voice in the Editor’s Room,” found that this group wants media consumption experiences that are rooted in curated content and engaging tools. When asked what would prompt them to spend more time with articles, 44% of Gen Z said recommended content, and 33% cited interactive components.

This announcement marks the availability of Social Stories as the first platform that can monetize existing and new content from a publishers’ social-media account. This is yet another example of how Connatix continues to create seamless and integrated video solutions that are built for publisher success. Please visit here to see how Social Stories by Connatix works.

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