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Society Pass/Thoughtful Media Group Collaborates With Magnite

Thoughtful Media

Thoughtful Media Group debuts its first Southeast Asian regional omnichannel advertising network, enabling advertisers to deliver targeted content, messaging, and experiences to one of the world’s largest and concentrated populations of online consumers and merchants

  • Thoughtful Media Group Inc and Magnite, Inc. collaborate on the launch of the TMG Media Network, an omnichannel cross-platform advertising solution for international and regional brand advertisers
  • TMG Media Network provides advertisers access to influencer content creation, first party e-commerce data, and social commerce opportunities at scale

Thoughtful Media Group Inc (“Thoughtful Media Group” or “TMG”), the Thailand-based, digital advertising arm of Society Pass Incorporated (Nasdaq: SOPA) (“SoPa” or the “Company”), Southeast Asia’s (“SEA”) leading data-driven loyalty and e-commerce ecosystem, today announced a collaboration with Magnite, Inc. (NASDAQ: MGNI) (“Magnite”), the world’s largest independent omnichannel sell-side advertising platform. Magnite serves as the first sell-side platform connected to the TMG Media Network, a premium omnichannel cross-platform advertising solution for international and regional brand advertisers.

The TMG Media Network offers brand advertisers exposure to consumers in Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand, including the more than 3.3 million registered consumers on SoPa’s ecosystem. The network features premium inventory spanning its owned channels and the wider web, including display, mobile, video, social and digital out-of-home when fully deployed. For brand advertisers, the TMG Media Network offers an unprecedented combination of scale and personalized media, targeting SEA markets and their combined 650 million population.

Magnite enables programmatic activation and expands demand facilitation for TMG Media Network across its omnichannel inventory. Advertisers and publishers are then able to activate data from TMG Media Network through Magnite, unlocking new opportunities to reach audiences at scale across ad formats for brands.

Dennis Nguyen, TMG Chairman, explains, “We are excited to launch the TMG Media Network, which provides advertisers access to influencer content creation, highly targeted 1st party e-commerce data, and social commerce opportunities at scale. As a leading retail marketing solution in SEA, the TMG Media Network incorporates a multi-faceted, data-driven approach to audience reach, engagement, and conversion, which provides for a more impactful brand and consumer experience. And as data-driven social commerce becomes increasingly pervasive, TMG is well-positioned to power the region’s first media and advertising network with an end-to-end content, data, and supply solutions.”

Gavin Buxton, Managing Director, Asia at Magnite, stated, “We are excited to work with one of Southeast Asia’s most innovative brands and platforms to drive meaningful growth through game-changing content, data, and technology. Activating SoPa’s expansive and growing audience data to scale impactful, multi-channel experiences shapes the way consumers engage and interact with brands.”

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