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SoftwareReviews announced the Top Data Integration Solutions

SoftwareReviews' latest Emotional Footprint report highlights the top-rated data integration software solutions successfully harnessing technological trends.

SoftwareReviews, a leading source for insights on the software provider landscape, has published its 2023 Emotional Footprint Report on the top data integration solutions. Six providers have been identified as Champions in the comprehensive 2023 report, which is accessible on the firm’s website and updated in real time to reflect new reviews and ratings.

Integrating data from diverse sources presents a multifaceted challenge for many organizations. Hurdles such as mismatched data formats, varying data quality, and isolated data repositories frequently hamper the process of effective data integration. Moreover, as the volume of data increases, efficiently managing, processing, and analyzing the information becomes progressively more arduous for organizations.

Igor Ikonnikov, principal advisory director at Info-Tech Research Group and SoftwareReviews, sheds light on this critical domain, stating, “In the era of distributed data management, when information systems reside on-premises and in multiple clouds, data integration emerges as a pivotal capability necessitating thoughtful deliberation and apt technological facilitation.”

For organizations seeking the ideal data integration software tailored to their specific requirements, SoftwareReviews’ report spotlights the leading providers for the year. This recognition is based on feedback from 929 users and SoftwareReviews’ Emotional Footprint assessment.

The Net Emotional Footprint (NEF) of each software provider is the result of aggregated emotional response ratings across the areas of service, negotiation, product impact, conflict resolution, strategy, and innovation. The NEF is a powerful indicator of overall user sentiment toward the provider and its product from the software user’s point of view.

The 2023 Data Integration Champions are as follows:

  • Cleo Integration Cloud, 98 NEF, ranked high for integrity.
  • Workato, 98 NEF, ranked high for being reliable.
  • Zapier, 89 NEF, ranked high for enabling productivity.
  • AWS Glue, 98 NEF, ranked high for client friendly policies.
  • Microsoft Azure Data Factory, 90 NEF, ranked high for increasing performance.
  • Microsoft SQL Server, 82 NEF, ranked high for being respectful.

User assessments of software categories on SoftwareReviews provide an accurate and detailed view of the constantly changing market. SoftwareReviews’ reports are informed by data from users and IT professionals who have intimate experience with the software throughout the procurement, implementation, and maintenance processes.

Ikonnikov advises leaders to consider the following key use cases when completing critical capability assessment and proper technology enablement for their chosen data integration software:

1. The extraction of data from origin systems for loading onto a centralized analytics platform, typically accompanied by quality checks during the transfer.

2. The two-way integration of operational systems, such as the interplay between eCommerce, ERP, and CRM, which often leverages master data.

3. The use of master data to integrate primary data within the analytics platform, refining it for decision-support tools.

“While some vendors cater to a specific use case, others span two or even all three,” Ikonnikov explains. “Artificial intelligence (AI) integration is increasingly prevalent to augment data quality, master data management capabilities, and choreograph data integration workflows. It is prudent to be wary of antiquated, code-intensive tools and weigh them against more user-friendly ‘low/no-code’ options before finalizing the organization’s choice. Data integration shouldn’t be the limiting factor in the high-throughput data conduits that fuel insatiable, AI-driven analytical engines.”

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