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SoundCommerce and Cordial to data-enable omnichannel retailers

PacSun Adopts Integrated Solution to Unlock First-Party Data and World-Class Customer Experiences

Leading retail data platform provider SoundCommerce announced a new partnership with Cordial, the marketing platform that powers billions of high-conversion email, SMS, and mobile app messages based on data. PacSun is the first consumer brand to take advantage of the new partnership, launching on Cordial with SoundCommerce data in less than 90 days.

By leveraging SoundCommerce’s actionable data insights alongside Cordial’s personalized messaging solutions, retail brands can now provide real-time, data-driven interactions that foster customer loyalty and maximize revenue opportunities. The collaboration seamlessly integrates SoundCommerce’s intelligent data pipeline, retail data models and business intelligence insights with Cordial’s dynamic customer engagement capabilities, empowering brands and retailers to optimize operations and deliver exceptional experiences across all customer touchpoints.

The new partnership directly enables PacSun CIO-CDO Shirley Gao’s data enablement vision for the lifestyle brand.

“Ensuring an exceptional unified commerce experience across brick-and-mortar stores, eCommerce, and Social Commerce channels is essential for serving our valued customers,” said Gao. “The collaborative efforts of SoundCommerce and Cordial align with PacSun’s technology strategy, promising to unlock extraordinary potential and deliver exceptional customer experiences.”

SoundCommerce gives omnichannel brands the edge by making retail data useful and actionable across marketing, merchandising, and operations. The platform enables brands to easily ingest and transform data from SaaS and on-premise software applications, streaming data in cloud data warehouses like Snowflake and Google BigQuery. Building on SoundCommerce modeled data, Cordial segmentation dictionaries support easy audience building and multi-channel automation programs. Leveraging SoundCommerce data and models within Cordial, retailers can trigger orchestrations and build targeted messaging campaigns and curated product recommendations customized to each individual shopper.

“The SoundCommerce-Cordial partnership makes it easy for brands to activate rich SoundCommerce data to target and engage shoppers — through higher performing campaigns and better onsite shopper experiences,” said SoundCommerce Founder and CEO Eric Best. “At SoundCommerce, we productize data infrastructure and engineering to make it faster and easier for brands to focus on those marketing and sales channels, products and merchandising offers, and shoppers and segments that drive profitable growth.”

“Brands are looking to move faster and work smarter to unlock amazing customer experiences,” said Jeremy Swift, Co-Founder and CEO of Cordial. “Cordial’s partnership with SoundCommerce removes technical barriers across the retail organization to enable better, faster business insights and marketing activation. Brands must be able to trust their data to create timely, personalized customer journeys. Cordial’s AI equips ambitious brands with the tools they need to not just meet but exceed customer expectations, driving revenue growth and cementing their position as industry leaders.”

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