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Spanish Grocer Consum Wins the Ultimate Marketing Strategy Award

- The award recognises Consum's exceptional work in leveraging AI to provide contextually relevant customer experiences across touchpoints.
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Algonomy, the leader in Algorithmic Customer Engagement (ACE) solutions, announced Consum Cooperativa Valenciana as the winner of the Ultimate Marketing Strategy Award category at the Algonomy Customer Awards event held on Oct 13th, 2021. Consum was selected as a winner among six finalists shortlisted from over 400 enterprise brands in contention for the Algonomy Customer Excellence (ACE) awards.

The ACE awards recognize retailers and brands setting new benchmarks in the use of AI and Algorithmic Decisioning to create unique and winning customer experiences and business results. The evaluation criteria scored the ACE award participants across six dimensions of personalization success – strength of vision, degree of innovation, level of adoption, speed to market, business results and learning & excellence.

Consum stood out from the rest of the finalists for enhancing customer loyalty through omnichannel personalization and real-time customer engagement across multiple touch points – Call Center, Loyalty App, Website/App, Social Media, etc. The marketing team at Consum wanted a holistic system that connects their website/app with the Loyalty App, Call Center System and Customer Marketing Platform to provide personalized interactions to their shoppers. This integrated system improved the average basket size by 19% and improved the frequency of visits by 10%.

Consum is committed to providing a seamless experience to their customers across all channels. They leverage Algonomy’s CDP to unify customer data across online and offline sources and derive granular customer insights. They also use Algonomy’s Customer Journey Orchestration tool for personalized outbound campaigns across digital and offline channels. Algonomy’s retail-specific platform enabled quick time to market thereby accelerating Consum’s digital transformation journey.

“We are honoured and proud to have received the Ultimate Marketing Strategy Award. It has been our mission to create a personalized, 1-on-1 customer experience to improve lifetime value. With the help of Algonomy, we were able to unify customer data across standalone systems and leverage advanced customer analytics to provide meaningful customer journeys. From empowering our call center against with a unified customer snapshot to sending personalized offers to customers via email and updating customers of their loyalty points on the wallet, Algonomy’s solution has helped us raise the bar in the industry,” said Fernando Gisbert, Executive of Loyalty at Consum Cooperativa Valenciana.

Atul Jalan, CEO at Algonomy said, “We are proud to support Consum in their digital transformation journey. Consum is setting the benchmark for personalized customer engagement using AI and Algorithms.”

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