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SparkToro launches ‘SparkToro Trending’ a stellar news aggregation tool

news aggregation tool

Recently SparkToro announced a robust news aggregation tool christened as SparkToro Trending. It is a tool made specifically for the web marketers. This amazing tool has a ranking system whereby the news that gets ‘vote’ rises and then falls will the passing time.

The unique features of the tool are:

  1. It considers a tweet as a ‘vote’. A URL shared by a connected account is counted as a vote
  2. Trending does not consider every account while converting tweets to votes. It will look into the history of the account and the tweets. An account that is assessed to be tweeting too much without good stuff and sharing tweets so as to manipulate, will not be eligible to earn votes. This eliminates the chances of spam and manipulation.
  3. There is no comments option in the tool
  4. There is a page termed as ‘share insights’ that shows interesting tweets of a URL and even provides links to other URLs. It even shows what other Twitterati are saying about a URL.
  5. It keeps the ‘most tweeted’ news available for a specific period. So, even if you miss some of them due to being offline for a week or two, then you can look back and find the tweets.
  6. Its daily summary shows the summary of all the spheres including GDPR pieces, Social Media Examiner, and GDPR pieces, all in a single go.
  7. The monthly summaries can provide an overview of all the latest happening in the space and even show the tweets you clicked and those that you missed.

To wrap it up, the SparkToro Trending is a stellar tool build to reduce the problems with news integration tools for the web marketers and to launch a platform that can aggregate all the news together. It aims at simplifying and adding value to the web marketing field.

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