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SpendEdge partners with Leading CPG Company


SpendEdge, a prominent player in global procurement market intelligence, has joined forces with a leading global Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) company with a diverse presence in the Food & Beverage, Home Care, and Personal Care sectors. The client’s procurement team, headquartered in the Netherlands, sought SpendEdge’s expertise to enhance their marketing services procurement strategy.

Client’s Challenge

While the client had a satisfactory relationship with their existing marketing partner, they faced a crucial challenge: optimizing the allocation of resources across various marketing activities. Uncertainty lingered regarding the most efficient mix of resources for their marketing initiatives.

SpendEdge’s Solution

SpendEdge’s team of analysts embarked on a comprehensive evaluation of the client’s current marketing services and spending patterns. Through rigorous benchmarking of costs associated with diverse marketing activities and the returns generated from these investments, our analysts identified the optimal allocation of marketing budgets for the client.

In addition to financial optimization, SpendEdge also offered the client invaluable recommendations on best practices for engagement, enabling them to achieve superior results within their existing marketing budgets.

Impact and Insights

By partnering with SpendEdge, the client was empowered to make informed decisions about their marketing investments. The insights derived from our benchmarking and recommendations provided the client with the confidence to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of their marketing services procurement.

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