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Spin finds simple yet the most significant marketing strategy to compete with the competitors

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Recently, the popularity of electronic scooters in the New York City streets is huge, and it claims to be the future of multimodal transportation network. Euwyn Poon, one of the co-founders of Spin a start-up tech company competing in the electronic scooter business said in a blockchain conference that he loves scooter rides to travel anywhere across the city.

Spin is a major player along with Bird and Lime bike in providing electric scooter services. The range of competition got more intense as all the three companies are serving identical products to the commuters. But Spin found a different way to approach the public. They created a unique name and an orange color to win over consumer love and give an eye-catching look.

Spin took the concept of search ads in apple app store as their prime agenda to build up brand value. People can easily search as the name is a generic one. Along with this, the company has also put up posters at places where the scooter is available.

The art of positioning by Spin is different, but it is a new way to catapult their services in the market.

Brand loyalty is another important aspect which companies always take into consideration just the way Bird has done. But Spin has a different strategy to follow in the market. Euwyn Spun shares a very simple and practical concept of human behavior in buying a service. He said that commuters are highly skeptical and they will use that service which is easily available to them.  A person may have three different applications on phone, but he will choose a service which is near. Spun made a statement that the concept of brand loyalty by bird doesn’t scare them anymore.

Spin is making the most effective marketing campaigns at a very minimum cost, and the team is highly optimistic about it. Poon added that he along with the co-founders of the company was inspired by starting an urban transportation company by adding bikes in the initial years and then scooters. At this point, the revenue for the companies will be achieved by the users, but later they will be used as a vehicle for promotion.

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