Spin-to-Wheel Promotion Builder Merges E-commerce with Fun

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Spin-to-Wheel Promotion Builder Merges Shopping with Entertainment; Brings Excitement to Shoppers Locked at Home

~ Wheel of Popups creates spin-to-wheel popups for websites, social media, and emails.

~ Such promotions help brands create shopping games to attract customers.

~ Over 37,000 companies from 32 countries have already used Wheel of Popups.


July 2020: Even though people are staying at home due to the pandemic, e-commerce players aren’t finding it easy to convince them to buy stuff.

Often e-commerce merchants use popups that offer some discount to lure customers, but they mostly fail. A discount or a coupon isn’t enough to attract customers, especially when they are getting bored sitting at home.

They want to feel involved and experience the thrill of shopping, which gives them relief from the drudgery of daily chores.

Enter Wheel of Popups, which is helping brands merge shopping with games. Wheel of Popups is an online tool that enables companies to build spin-to-wheel promotions to attract more customers on channels like websites, social media, emails, and in-person events.

This startup understands that spinning a wheel can bring such excitement to customers that no average popup can ever match. But isn’t spinning-a-wheel an age-old game? That’s true, so what’s Wheel of Popups doing new?

It’s powered by a visual editor that takes less than ten minutes to create a beautiful spin-to-wheel promotion. Wheel of Popups was built ground up solely for creating and launching spin-to-wheel promotions.

It can create spin-to-wheel promotions in any language that reads left-to-right (LTR). 70% of its users are from English-speaking countries and the rest from other countries.

“We ran a survey with 35,000 companies using Wheel of Popups for feedback. The results showed that our spin-to-wheel promotions had a conversion rate of 14% compared to 2-4% conversion rate with boring ‘Enter your email and win $10 OFF’ promotion,” says Rade Joksimovic, founder, Wheel of Popups.

More than three times the conversion rate of average popups didn’t happen overnight. Rade and his team developed a user-interface (UI) that was built specifically for creating spin-to-win campaigns.

There are many other players in the market, which build spin-to-win popups, but they don’t focus solely on it, and not one of them has a UI that matches the standard of Wheel of Popups.

My team has built a product that is easy-to-use and is also very effective at converting prospects to leads and eventually customers,” Rade adds.

Wheel of Popups has emerged as the #1 promotion builder in the world in a short span. More than 37,000 companies from 32 countries have already used it successfully.

Its clients include e-commerce companies (small and medium businesses), digital agencies (which create promotions for their clients), and companies that need in-person spin-to-wheel promotions for trade shows.

Wheel of Popups has a very simple objective – To merge shopping with entertainment by providing the best technology to build spin-to-wheel promotions for all kinds of clients.


About Us:

The founder, Rade Joksimovic, hails from Belgrade in Serbia and is a serial techpreneur. Starting at the age of just 16 as a web designer, he has built many startups in Serbia, the U.S., and Singapore.

Today, Rade is a 31-year-old founder with rich experience in the startup ecosystem and technology. Apart from him, there’s a dynamic team of individuals, which has built Wheel of Popups together.




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