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SPINS Acquires The Data Council for Enhanced Content Management


SPINS, a leading provider of wellness-focused data and intelligence for the natural products industry, has acquired The Data Council, a leading content management platform that sits at the center of e-commerce and marketing in the CPG industry. Together, SPINS and The Data Council will enable easier, more efficient, and more intelligent interactions across the natural product ecosystem, and will accelerate both innovation and access to a growing set of brands and products.

The acquisition from Advantage Solutions Inc., a leading provider of sales and marketing services to consumer goods manufacturers and retailers, is an especially important step forward for SPINS retailer partners who are seeking high quality and highly detailed product information and attributes to fuel their e-commerce, instore, and supply chain success.

The Data Council’s content capture, management, and syndication capabilities, combined with SPINS’ unparalleled product intelligence and attribution engine, will offer retailers and their partners a verified single source of truth for both product information (e.g., label information, positioning) and digital assets (e.g., videos, images).

Benefits for retailers also extends beyond workflow and logistics management; a more complete content management ecosystem tied to intelligence about trends, innovation, and consumer preferences allows retailers to deliver an unparalleled shopper experience in both e-comm and in-store environments.

“A smarter, smoother content management process is essential to helping bring natural products to customers; better assets, more detailed information, and integration into analytics is the only way to grow in our increasingly omnichannel world,” says Jay Margolis, CEO of SPINS. “We are proud to bring our collective capabilities together and are excited about the opportunity to drive the natural product industry forward.”

The acquisition also signals critical benefits for brands seeking to elevate their presence in the natural products industry and streamline their Product Information Management (PIM) and Digital Asset Management (DAM) needs.

“The Data Council has always been relentlessly focused on building out the most complete and most efficient content management system for our industry,” said John Kocher, President of The Data Council. “We are thrilled to join forces with SPINS to serve brands and strengthen their connection with the endpoints that matter. Together, we will continue to drive innovation and deliver exceptional value to our clients.”

This extends a longstanding partnership between SPINS and The Data Council. “This is a natural and welcome step forward for SPINS as we continue to seek out new ways to make it easier for our customers and partners to connect, communicate, and grow,” continued Margolis.

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