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SPLICE Software announces another successful partnership with MBG


SPLICE Software, a customer engagement company specializing in automated communication workflows and opt-in management, is proud to announce another successful partnership with Mutual Benefit Group (MBG), a long-standing insurance carrier with a reputation for exceptional customer service.

MBG, a leading insurance provider for automobiles, homes, and businesses, has partnered with SPLICE Software to enhance its customer experience during the claims process. MBG integrated SPLICE’s automated text messaging solution into its claims platform communication workflow, allowing for personalized messages to be sent to policyholders at 13 touchpoints throughout the claims process.

SPLICE’s automated solution, integrated with the Duck Creek OnDemand claims platform, enables MBG to collect and manage customer consent for automated messaging and send personalized text messages to those who opt-in or who are opted-in. The solution also provides MBG with an easy way to respect customer communication preferences and simplify compliance with consumer privacy regulations across jurisdictions.

After the success of the first program, MBG integrated SPLICE’s Thrive survey and Net Promoter Score (NPS) application, which allows policyholders to provide feedback on the claims process and their experience with MBG. The applications empower MBG to create their own tags and report on them in real time, enabling the company to drill down on the most important metrics in a single click.

MBG’s NPS score of 84 suggests the brand’s commitment to delivering a great customer experience is paying off. With SPLICE’s automated messaging and survey services, MBG can engage policyholders throughout the customer journey and create a strategic communications program.

“We are very excited to be able to offer this communication channel option to our customers and further enhance the MBG Experience,” said Shannon Davis, Assistant Vice President – Claims, MBG.

“Within the last two years nearly everyone has made adjustments to their policyholder experience, so adding a more comprehensive approach to NPS just makes sense,” says Tara Kelly, CEO of SPLICE Software.

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