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SplitMetrics Recognized as High Performer in G2 Fall 2022 Reports


SplitMetrics, an Apple Search Ads Partner, has been named a High Performer in G2 Grid® Reports. The honors go to SplitMetrics Acquire, an intelligent data-driven platform for Apple Search Ads optimization and automation at scale, that got the awards in the Mobile Advertising & Search Advertising categories.

Being a global data-driven company giving 100% focus to customer success, SplitMetrics aims at providing mobile app leaders not only with the insights into their mobile marketing course of action, but also with transparent feedback on its offerings so they can make well-informed decisions on expanding their businesses. To reach this goal and gather unbiased feedback, SplitMetrics turned to G2, the world’s most renowned and trusted platform for software discovering and reviewing.

As a result, the company’s product, SplitMetrics Acquire, was ranked a High Performer in G2 Grid reports for Mobile Advertising & Search Advertising categories. The software got the following ratings:

  • Satisfaction Score: 85
  • Market Presence Score: 15
  • G2 Score: 50
  • Search Advertising Relationship Score: 8.55
  • Mobile Advertising Software Satisfaction Score: 83
  • Mobile Advertising Software G2 Score: 53.

SplitMetrics Acquire was the first Apple Search Ads management platform to appear on the global market. The combination of advanced technology, extensive automation, AI-based optimization, and market insights enables app and game developers using SplitMetrics Acquire to drive growth and boost ROI easier and faster.

“We’re proud of being recognized as a High Performer by such a reputable platform. Our value proposition evolved into an ecosystem of products and services that help big players and brands in the mobile industry expand their growth and market share by making decisions based on data, not guesswork,” said Max Kamenkov, CEO and co-founder of SplitMetrics.

SplitMetrics will continue to collaborate with G2 for other company’s offerings: SplitMetrics Optimize, an advanced mobile optimization platform for data-driven decision making, validation of ideas, concepts, and features via A/B tests for iOS and Android, and SplitMetrics Agency, a full-cycle mobile marketing agency driving unparalleled results for top apps and brands.

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