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SportsGrid Commits to Responsible Marketing Code


SportsGrid, Inc. has committed the company’s multimedia content platform to support the American Gaming Association’s (AGA) Responsible Marketing Code for Sports Wagering. The AGA’s responsible marketing code reflects the industry’s responsibility standards and practices in sports betting advertising messaging to the public. The AGA and SportsGrid also announced a partnership last week to promote responsible sports betting consumer education through AGA’s Have A Game Plan.® Bet Responsibly. public service campaign.

Legal sports wagering is an entertainment activity that should be consumed only in a responsible manner by adults and marketed accordingly to that audience. Advertising and marketing of sports wagering services informs consumers about the nature of those services and the terms on which they are available. Advertising supports competition, multiplies consumer choice, can encourage consumer loyalty, and promotes responsible gaming initiatives. Further, advertising plays an essential role in migrating players away from the pervasive and dangerous illegal market.

The Responsible Marketing Code for Sports Wagering—first published in 2019—establishes a high bar for advertising for the legal sports betting industry, self-imposing restrictions on target audiences, outlets, marketing language, partnerships and materials branding while mandating inclusion of responsible gaming messaging. Members of the AGA developed this code to set the industry standard for traditional and digital marketing and advertising of sports wagering where consumers are encouraged to place real money wagers.

SportsGrid’s management is committed to supporting the AGA code across the marketing and advertising of sports wagering appearing on the company’s multimedia platform advancing responsible gaming, and promoting sound individual decision making by consumers of those services.

“The AGA’s responsible marketing code sets important standards for the industry to embrace, and SportsGrid is pleased to endorse this initiative,” said SportsGrid Chief Operating Officer Adam Kaplan. “SportsGrid’s management is committed to supporting the Code across the marketing and advertising of sports wagering on the company’s multimedia platform to promote sound individual decision making by consumers.”

“It’s incumbent upon all stakeholders involved in the marketing of sports wagering—including sportsbooks, media, leagues and teams, and more—to put responsibility first,” said AGA SVP Casey Clark. “Importantly, leaders like SportsGrid from across the sports betting ecosystem are sharing in these commitments and helping to raise the bar on responsible advertising.”

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