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SqlDBM and Powdr Solutions Announce Partnership

Powdr Solutions combines top-grade technical expertise with SqlDBM’s industry-leading cloud modeling platform.
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SqlDBM – Online Data Modeling Tool is pleased to announce its partnership with Powdr Solutions, a North American professional services company led by business intelligence and data management experts. Henceforth, Powdr will collaborate with SqlDBM as a Silver Partner, SqlDBM’s second-highest partnership tier.

Powdr Solutions exemplifies the highest level of expertise and professionalism concerning data and business intelligence. Powdr helps its clients realize the full potential of cloud data by accelerating their migrations from existing on-premises systems and getting them off on the right foot with leading tooling and industry best practices. Thus, partnering with SqlDBM–the industry standard for cloud data modeling–was a natural fit.

“We’re honored that Powdr is partnering with us, and we couldn’t be more excited about helping deliver a strong shared vision of a data-backed approach to improving the customer experience,” said Anna Abramova, Head of Growth at SqlDBM. Too many organizations dive into cloud platforms without adequate thought given to planning and collaborative design. Powdr and SqlDBM help ensure that no steps are missed in the critical early stages of the migration.

All the trends indicate that the future is scalable cloud platforms like Snowflake, AWS, and Azure. SqlDBM has been at the forefront of this initiative as the leading full-featured modeling solution with native support for database-specific DDL and advanced objects like Views, Stored Procedures, and functions. By partnering with Powdr, SqlDBM will ensure that both companies stay apprised of industry developments and that clients leverage the newest features like Column View Lineage and git integration.

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