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SRAX Provides Brands Clarity

SRAX Provides Brands Clarity
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SRAX, Inc. a digital marketing and consumer data management technology company, announces BIGtoken Lightning Insights, a new solution that gives brands the power of knowledge by returning robust audience insights in just hours martech news.

SRAX’s permission-first consumer data management platform, BIGtoken, which boasts over 16 million panelists across more than 30 countries, is now providing brands the ability to quickly activate research and surveys about their brand, products, or industry.

With BIGtoken Lightning Insights, brands can target and access very niche groups through 10,000 unique points of segmentation and augment their inquiries with additional data points including location and purchase history. What sets BIGtoken apart is that these actionable audience insights can be delivered in hours, not days martech.

Recently, we surveyed the BIGtoken community to understand how the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) has affected their social and work life. In a 24-hour period, we received results from over 1,300 panelists.

Click here to download the full results from this study!

“These are difficult times for the world at large. In just a few months, the lives of millions of people have experienced radical change, and now more than ever, understanding your consumers’ points of view is critical,” says Kristoffer Nelson, co-founder of BIGtoken and COO of SRAX. “We want to do our part by helping brands gain clarity during this time of uncertainty. With BIGtoken Lightning Insights, brands can collect information from their target consumers on their current challenges, needs, perspectives, values, and habits—and act on it. Together, we can overcome uncertainty.”

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