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Stackline announces its Rewards and Loyalty product

As part of Stackline’s Shopper OS platform, brands and manufacturers can now gain direct access to customers across retailers and channels to grow retention rates and customer lifetime value.

Stackline, the leader in full-funnel connected commerce, announces the release of its Rewards and Loyalty product, an innovative solution to help brands boost retention rates and grow their customer lifetime values across the major online and brick-and-mortar retailers.

As economic factors impact the purchasing power of consumers, brands must prioritize customer loyalty and increase customer lifetime value to achieve profitable growth. Today, brands have direct insight into only 3% of their customers, limiting overall customer engagement. With the Rewards and Loyalty solution, manufacturers can now directly access customers in dynamic, personalized ways and deploy rewards that keep shoppers coming back – driving retention and profitable growth.

Stackline’s Founder and CEO, Michael Lagoni, said, “Modern brand leaders face new challenges. It’s no longer about growth at all costs. The focus is squarely on profitable growth. The simplest way to improve profitability is to increase purchases from existing customers. Our Rewards and Loyalty product does exactly that – it enables brands to increase engagement without compromising bottom-line profitability.”

As part of Stackline’s new Shopper OS platform, the Rewards and Loyalty product enables brands to reward shoppers for completing activities, such as purchasing products, completing surveys, referring new customers, and so much more – without any financial risk.

With this new suite of capabilities, brands and manufacturers can:

  • Engage directly with customers who shop across retailers and channels by quickly deploying targeted reward campaigns for built-in Shopper OS audiences.
  • Capture immediate ROI and risk-free economics with rewards that encourage ongoing loyalty by motivating customers to make future purchases.
  • Access a broad array of reward types to personalize the interaction with each customer as they navigate the shopper journey across retailers and channels.

Learn more about Rewards and Loyalty.

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