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Stackline announces Universal Stores

A critical product within Shopper OS, this modular system was designed to increase engagement, conversions, and purchases across all major retailers and channels for every campaign.

Stackline, the full funnel connected commerce leader, announces the launch of Universal Stores. This multi-retail storefront technology allows brands to maximize conversions and generate sales across all major retail touchpoints. The solution drives purchases across retail sites, such as Amazon, Target, and Walmart, plus brands can integrate with their direct-to-consumer (DTC) platform, such as Shopify.

Marketing attribution has historically been challenging for brands, even for the most sophisticated retail marketers. The two common conversion strategies – pushing traffic to DTC websites or directing media campaigns to retailer product pages like Amazon or Walmart – leave brands with either low conversion (less than 1% on DTC) or no insight into first-party customer data (retailers own the data for purchases made through product pages).

Universal Stores is an industry-changing system that breaks down barriers with a multi-retailer buy box feature, enabling shoppers to purchase through their preferred retailer. At the same time, the brand collects first-party data and measures attribution on every purchase.

With this modular system, brands can leverage beautiful templates to build world-class landing pages in minutes, eliminating the cost constraints usually associated with developing and managing an online shopping experience. Brands can then automatically track the entire shopper journey, including the source of every pageview across social media, influencers, email, and other campaigns – to unlock more sales.

As part of Stackline’s Shopper OS platform, Universal Stores allows brands to:

Design world-class landing pages with dynamic, easy-to-use templates to create beautiful stores, present engaging content like videos and articles, and connect with shoppers using QR codes.

Measure attribution across the shopper journey from high-funnel media campaigns to the point of purchase with the industry’s first cross-channel attribution solution.

Generate high conversion rates with a multi-retailer buy box allowing shoppers to purchase through their preferred retailers, including DTC sites.

Collect first-party data on all campaigns and shoppers, including their order details and contact information, automatically tracking customer sources, page views, and cross-platform sales.

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