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Starbox Is Releasing Its AI Personalization and Guidance Engine


Starbox Group Holdings Ltd. (Nasdaq: STBX) (the “Company” or “Starbox Group”), a service provider of cash rebates, digital advertising, and payment solutions, today is proud to announce the Starbox AI Personalized and Guidance Engine (the “Engine”), which is built upon the Starbox AI Calculation Engine introduced earlier in March 2023 and ChatGPT. This Engine is designed to improve merchants’ business operations and enhance retail merchants’ experiences by offering personalized recommendations and guidance.

The technology of the Engine allows Starbox to analyze a vast amount of user data to provide personalized recommendations and guidance to each individual merchant. Its AI-powered capabilities enable it to constantly learn and adapt to the user’s preferences, making the experience more accurate and relevant with each interaction.

By leveraging the Engine, vast quantities of historical data generated by Starbox Group’s ecosystem may be analyzed, including merchant spending data, campaign participation, and external factors. By harnessing the power of AI, the Engine can create highly personalized campaigns for each merchant, tailored to the specific needs and preferences of their target audience. Additionally, the Engine may provide guidance to merchants on how to structure their campaigns based on targeted user traffic, allowing them to optimize their marketing efforts to improve their chances of reaching their marketing goals with greater efficiency.

Mr. Lee Choon Wooi, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Starbox Group, commented, “Users are getting more and more sophisticated and demanding and as such, we are required to up our ante as well. The Engine developed by our high performing technology team uses advanced algorithms to analyze user data and generate personalized recommendations, insights, and guidance. It takes into account various factors such as user preferences, behavior patterns, context, and feedback to provide tailored solutions and improve user experience. This Engine is powered by the Starbox AI Calculation Engine introduced earlier in March 2023, which Starbox AI Calculation Engine provides high-speed and accurate calculations for effective decision-making. With the help of the Starbox AI Calculation Engine, the Engine is anticipated to be able to handle large volumes of data and generate real-time insights to help businesses make data-driven decisions.”

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