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StatSocial Announces Silhouette™, the Industry’s Most Comprehensive Audience Insights Platform

Silhouette by StatSocial is the first audience platform for characterizing and reaching anonymized personas based on earned media consumption, influencers, passions, personalities, and interests.
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StatSocial, Inc. announced today the introduction of Silhouette™, the first audience platform for characterizing and reaching anonymized personas based on earned media consumption, influencers, passions, personalities, and interests. Silhouette uses social insights to deliver highly deterministic, actionable data and media campaigns across any persona or intended audience. Silhouette solves the problem of measuring the impact of social influencer campaigns by connecting social content engagement with actual company revenue and other business outcomes. For the first time ever, brands are now able to turn market research, marketing personas and surveys into highly scalable and addressable audiences.

Silhouette is built on a identity knowledgebase of more than 1.2 billion social accounts sourced from 60 different platforms and more than a million websites, all linked to 300 million individuals and a billion mobile devices covering more than 70% of US households. Silhouette’s underlying taxonomy includes more than 85,000 categories of earned media content consumption, influencers, brand preferences, interests, personality profiles, and passions. This taxonomy is more powerful than an 85,000-question survey because it reflects actual consumer choices, actions, and behaviors, and is regularly updated to ensure accuracy and timeliness. Patented AI-based algorithms enable this information to be anonymized, indexed, and analyzed in an unlimited number of ways, and then immediately utilized in marketing campaigns.

According to Michael Hussey, President and Founder of StatSocial, “The key to a brand’s marketing success is a deep understanding of who its customers are. We believe social media and blogs can provide this understanding, so three years ago we set out to make the hidden secrets of social data more available to marketing decision makers. Properly structured, this data provides a valuable new perspective into what audiences engage with, read, and think about any conceivable topic. The challenge we faced was how to structure and manage this information so it would be both meaningful and accessible, and to do this at an anonymized audience level. To accomplish this we built Silhouette. No other platform offers the depth of insights or delivers accurate audience data at such scale across the marketing ecosystem.”

David Barker, CEO of StatSocial, added, “Silhouette is unique in how it enables the merger of traditional market research, PR, and communications with digital marketing. We have yet to encounter an audience, persona or trending topic that we couldn’t construct with Silhouette’s taxonomy and patented AI. With Silhouette, direct-to-consumer companies can turn their surveys and market research into highly scalable, deterministic audiences by including or excluding personality, earned media engagement and passions. Likewise, business-to-business companies can create accurate audiences based on the followers of influencers or earned media topics such as industry events, trends or articles.

“Brands are reaching out to us to help define audience segments in ways they have never been able to do before and are already seeing the power of Silhouette to improve their marketing success. For example, a large B2B technology company is using Silhouette to identify and connect with the influencers who are key to generating audience buzz for new product launches. D2C companies are working with us to segment the entire US population using personas developed from their customer research and survey responses. CMOs are excited how Silhouette allows marketing initiatives to be directly tied to traditional market research with a high degree of accuracy.”

Hussey added, “One of the strengths of Silhouette is it can be accessed wherever brands and agencies need it. Our analysts can use the platform to deliver insight and audience reports, or Silhouette’s capabilities can reside inside a brand’s existing digital marketing infrastructure. Silhouette’s standardized audiences and taxonomies are available and can be easily customized through most digital marketing platforms.”

About StatSocial:
StatSocial, Inc. enables brands and agencies to develop extensive insights on consumer and market trends and identify their best consumer prospects. Silhouette, the company’s earned media data platform, is built on a taxonomy of over 85,000 attributes (demographics, brand affinities, interests, media, influencers, and IBM Watson Personality Insights) linked to anonymized consumers covering 1.2 billion social profiles and 70% of US households. Clients can access insights and data through Silhouette’s proprietary reporting interface or across most marketing technology platforms.

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