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Stelo Releases New Version of Data Replication Software

Stelo Data Replicator V6.1 adds future-proofing capabilities to platform known for reliable, real-time data replication

Today, Stelo, a leading provider of data integration software solutions, announced the new release of its replication technology, Stelo Data Replicator. Stelo provides robust, real-time data replication for applications in business intelligence, application development, auditing, disaster recovering, and more. Version 6.1 integrates open standard technology to support a wide variety of sources and destinations.

Read more about Stelo V6.1 here: https://www.stelodata.com/blog/v6.1-release

A Proven Platform for Real-Time Data Replication
Stelo is a proven software for real-time data replication using heterogeneous environments. It optimizes data availability and cooperates with data applications efficiently.

With Stelo, organizations can:

  • Replicate data unidirectionally or bidirectionally between Oracle, IBM Db2, Informix, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Microsoft Azure Synapse, DataBricks, and Confluent (among others)
  • Offload queries from mission-critical operational systems
  • Stage data for efficient ETL processing, application development and refactoring, business intelligence, and other mission-critical data functions
  • Facilitate database and application migration and upgrading

“In every version release, our engineering team strives to support our customers’ needs now and in the future, anticipating the pace of change and which trends and technologies have staying power,” said Stelo CEO and Founder Paul Rampel. “Version 6.1 enhancements bring open-ended design to extend our product capabilities while still serving existing applications and allowing them to scale seamlessly.”

Customers Can Grow Business Operations and Leverage New Technology with Stelo V6.1
Today, innovation increasingly relies on open standards. Cloud migration, distributed environments, big data stores, AI-based ingestion tools, and many other evolving technologies are enabled by open standards. Stelo aims to help customers avoid proprietary technology dead ends by committing to these kinds of standards.

New Features and Benefits

  • High performance support for non-SQL destinations including Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 (ADLS Gen2), AWS, and Confluent Connectors; switching to a message-oriented mechanism and changing the underlying transport methodology results in a 100x improvement in throughput
  • Support for Linux, an open-source option well-suited for scaling server applications; with container deployment, Stelo can be delivered as an appliance and can be deployed quickly
  • User role-based authentication control (RBAC) to accommodate role-based functions that control access permissions/levels of access for compliance and audit management
  • PowerShell scripting to extend the capabilities of Stelo for those looking to manage the replication process using workflow tools
  • Backwards compatibility for SQL-92 destinations with new MERGE SQL support to maintain and preserve existing technology investments
  • Container-based deployment to decrease install time to under fifteen minutes

To learn more about v6.1, review Stelo’s Data Replication Buying Guide, and for a demo or consultation, contact the company directly.

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